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MAN 6916 | Page 10Marking RubricFEEDBACKFeedback will be available via Dynamics AX. High Distinction80% +Distinction70-79%Credit60-69%Pass50-59%Below Pass/Fail49% –ULO 3 Articulate the role ofbusiness systems analysis inERP systemimplementations.30%[18 marks]Provides a flawless andhighly detailed evaluationof Use Cases. Provides anexcellent explication ofusers, events andrelationships.Provides a detailedevaluation of UseCases. Identifies allusers, all eventsand keyrelationships.Provides a mostlydetailed evaluation ofUse Cases.Identifies all users,most events and keyrelationships.Provides anincompleteevaluation of UseCases. Identifiesmost users, mainevents and somerelationships.Provides no orinadequateevaluation of UseCases. Inadequatedemonstration ofusers, events andrelationships.ERP ProcessULO 1 Apply the navigationand systems operationfeatures of an ERP system inan organisation context.40% weight[24 marks]Provides a flawless and highlyapplication of navigation andsystem operation features.Process fully integrated; coredata has been establishedProvides a detailedapplication ofnavigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process isintegrated but hasminor process flaws,core data has beenestablished. .Provides a mostlydetailed applicationof navigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process ispartially integrated,core data has beenestablished. .Provides anincompleteapplication ofnavigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process isnot integrated, coredata has beenestablished.Provides little or noapplication ofnavigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process isnot integrated andlimited setup of data.ULO 4 Analyse theprocess(es) of ERP systems inorganisations.30% weight[18 marks]Provides a highly detailedand articulate explanationof business processes.Accurate notation,excellent input, output andconditionsProvides a highlydetailedexplanation ofbusiness processes.Correct notation,good input, outputand most conditionsare accuratelyidentified.Provides a detailedexplanation ofbusiness processes.Correct notation,input and output iswell developed.Accurateconditions.Provides some basicexplanation ofbusiness processes.Mostly correctnotation,multiplicity. Mostinput and output.Some accurateconditions.Provides minimalexplanation ofbusiness processes.Inadequatedemonstration ofnotation, input,output andconditions.


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