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e-Iearning.vit.edu.auMI7S5503 Case StudyOBJECTIVE(S)This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to assess following learning outcomes,This assessment covers the follow ng LOs.L01: Understand, create and use knowledge management solutions that contribute towards cost savings and improved productivity of an organization102: Appraise how and why knowledge management solutions might have different performance impacts, depending on the circumstances by evaluating the key factors and thee nature of impact on performance.104: Apply and integrate appropriate KM components to develop effective knowledge managementsolutionsINSTRUCTIONS These instructions apply to Case Study only Answer the questions based on a case study given below:Case Study (Total 15 Marks) Yuo have been appointed as a Chief Knowledge Officer in one of the leading universities of Australia to accomplish the project which is to develop a knowledge base guide for approving / rejecting the admission of the students Your task would be to develop Knowledge Management system for the university which can be helpful in taking decision while aPProving / rejecting the admission of the students While analyzing initially you got the knowledge horn the Registrar of the university regarding basis on which they are approving and f ejecting the admission of the studentCop,. 0 2011 Vir, All AgAts Resenr0 2At/7S590, Case Sftaft.Q.1)a. Discuss and justify in detail about capturing strategy that you will use while capturing taut and explicit knowledge with respect to admission of students. In your opinion, will you approach multiple staff of admission department using different capturing techniques whole capturing tacit knowledge about the admission. Justify your answer.(5 Marks)b. Discuss about major obstacles you might face while capturing the tacit and explicit knowledge related to admission of students. Also, discuss about the best capturing technique which can be used to capture the knowledge related to admission of student while considering the obstacles discussed by you(5 Marks)Q.2) The Registrar has requested you to codify knowledge into Decision Tree and asked you to come up with report havmg pros and cons of using Decision Tree to codify admission knowledge. Also,


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