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MITS5505Knowledge ManagementCase Study Weightage: 15% Due date: 25th April 2021Late penalty applies on late submission, 10 per day would be deducted mark for LATE Submission more than one week u mark for DUPLICATED Submission or Shared WorkMITS3505 Case Stud’.OBJECTIVE(S)This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as M the unit descriptor This assessment is designed to assess following learning outcomes:This assessment covers the following LOs.L01: Understand, create and use knowledge management solutions that contribute towards cost savings and improved productivity of an organizationL02: Appraise how and why knowledge management solutions might have different performance impacts, depending on the circumstances by evaluating the key factors and their nature of impact on performanceL04: Apply and integrate appropriate KM components to develop effective knowledge managementsolutionsINSTRUCTIONS These instructions apply to Case Study only Answer the questions based on a case study given below:Case Study (Total 15 Marks) You have been appointed as a Chief Knowledge Officer in one of the leading universities of Australia to accomplish the project which is to develop a knowledge base guide for approving / rejecting the admission of the students. Your task would be to develop Knowledge Management system for the university which can be helpful in taking decision while approving / rejecting the admission of the students. While analyzing initially you got the knowledge from the Registrar of the university regarding basis on which they are tk. tbs. .t..Aant


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