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12:47.1 C.., 4,< NURS90130 EXAM2… Q thQuestion 10 words) Using the MAR below ccarectly fill out a phone order for Glow. Gel 15mg.Allw{ier— Year: 202111.5UR Number 8546256 Family Name: GRAHAM Given Name: Peer Address: 2 Lancelot Lane, Storyville VIC 333X DOB: 09.06.1945 Sea: M FUNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MAR TELEPHONE ORDERS /to be signed with. 24 . of ord.)sp(1 mark)Question ig. (opprox 70 words) Yeu may Using the information above and a NANDA framework, develop one i1i actual nursing diagnosis and two (2) nursing evidence-based int….. related to Mr Graham’s current situation. (2 ma.)Mr Graham has Just pressed his call bell and told you that he feels nauseous and would like something to “make it fed better. You speak with your buddy nurse, then together you review Mr Graham’s MAR and note he has a pre..1ion for an a ntliemetic.NU4550130 4.rWg Assessment g Care End of semeser take home etam 20E1 6 oraQuestion 1h. Opp. 60 word, Using the MAR below, identifis the components of the medication orders validity, then proposewhether you can administer the medication as currently prescribed. Propose a resolution to the situation, providing your rationale for this dec…UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MAR AS REQUIRED ‘TR’ MEDICATIONSM..- N. Year: 2021 UR Number 8545256 Family Name: GRAHAM Given Name: Peter Address: 2 Lancelot La., Storwille VIC 333% DOB: 09.06.1945 S.: M F Dorn 07/06 Oey.done Data .,, • 5,24. Time Severe Paln MIR Route 1 rimp4.7″” 1 4”’753 ose Z7o. Ondastron Date awn awwmr Tos 1 Time Nausea Rade 47 Sip(3 marks)question li. (appro. 10 words) With a valid order, calculate hose …tablets are needed to be administered to Pet…s.wea.Please ensure that you Include your …Ions in your answer.Stock streng014.6g.Clc.) Dashboard(1 mark)no aCalendar To Do Notifications Inbox


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