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< NURS90130 EXAM2…QMu.. Rh. (app.,. SO wordSii IS is now 0800 the nest day and you buddy nurse has asked you to review layrte’s MAR and Identify all medicathms that YoAllsrgfes— NKAYR.. 20217g.HypeRamlprilSmg115X’ Sum«.07/06Atomastatin00mgHyporlipidaemisPOAsthmamZ;sgI …us 10753I NumuUtZERSITY HOSPITALDATE. MONTH05/06UR Numb., 568795 Fan,I11,1, HOGAN Add.. 23A Lib Court Seaside Ullag:Vel’C’374; Dom 12.09.1smi sm. m06/060007/067.7-7 I 7753DalaiMOO97xxxZ706vaAsthma75,ggPOP ednisangrImpsomn”‘. I r.75357;7 4753Paracetamol7Mild pal.Irimpm-MOO1900xrNUR590130 Nursing Assessment & Care End of unusur take home…2021007.18mmiu4aunt.. a 125 muds/ T:e::a7Zsda tdhnli’llti:ti:dC1=or(171==7:1g=m7::::::07;07:Rdratteo ISZ:iTt■ rights of Cakulate how marry tablets of each medication woultl be nestled when completing sate metlicatbn atlministra[l.n. please ensure m remiss. available to you, including INIMM5 and your medication dm, book, m you answer. Indude your calculations In you ammo, question Nouns. 25 muds/ End of Examination (225 mark. m mariM6,7) DashboardCalendar To Do Notifications Inboc


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