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Master Degree course –Psychological Data Analysis Given the short timeframe to complete the assignment and the requestor has no prior knowledge in SPSS and Statistic, and too short time to learn both statistic and SPSS in order to complete the assignment, thus help is required. There are 2 papers needed for this assignment. First Paper This paper is an explanation of work for second paperIt needs to include screen shot and remarks of each SPSS path and steps in details and the process of the data is generated in SPSSIt needs to explain why the statistical test is selected based the data given supported the decision for each question listed in the 2nd paper. This explanation also needs to be included in 2nd paper at the introduction paragraph. The reason is need to do a presentation to the lecturer how the 2nd paper is done.Use spacing 1.5 and calibri 11 as font.This first paper has no word limitDeadline: June 10, 5pm London time Second Paper Number of words: 2000 words excluding references. Maximum 10% (i.e,


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