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CE5011 exam 2017 2018 – SavedSECTION A — Hydraulic Engineering An 800 m long pipeline connects an upper reservoir to a lower reservoir where the water level is 30.0 m lower. The pipe is 250 mm diameter with a friction factor, X. = 0.020. A valve with head loss = 5.0 v2/2g is located 300 m from the lower reservoir.(a) Including all minor losses, calculate the velocity and discharge through the pipeline.(8 marks)(b) The discharge is to be increased by replacing the top 500 m of pipe with a larger pipe of 325 mm diameter. Ignoring minor losses and valve losses, calculate the velocity in each pipe section and the increased discharge.(7 marks)(c) Plot the total energy line for cases (a) and (b) above and comment on the effectiveness of increasing the diameter of only part of the pipeline’s length.(5 marks)Continued….The vertical sluice gate located in the rectangular laboratory flume passes a unit disc:hare. n = 0 0A5 m3s-1m-1 A free discharge nccsirs under the nate with a FweiraiB/UAOAF1 – 2 34 –


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