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Skills Assessment (Event 3 of 3) Criteria Unit code, name and release number TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills (Release 2) Qualification/Course code, name and release number TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Release 2) TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development (Release 2) TAE50116 Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (Release 2) TAESS00009 Address Foundation Skills in Vocational Practice Skill Set (Release 1) **Amend the qualification box before distributing to the student. The information here should only contain the qualification the student is enrolled in** Student details Student number Student name PRITIKA Assessment Declaration Note: If you study online, you will submit this assessment and complete this declaration in your online platform. This assessment is my original work and no part of it has been copied from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made. No part of this assessment has been written for me by any other person except where such collaboration has been authorised by the assessor concerned. I understand that plagiarism is the presentation of the work, idea or creation of another person as though it is your own. Plagiarism occurs when the origin of the material used is not appropriately cited. No part of this assessment is plagiarised. Student signature and Date Version: 20200108 Date created: 15/10/2018 Date modified: 08/01/2020 For queries, please contact: Technology and Business Services SkillsPoint Building B, Level G, Corner Harris Street and Mary Ann Street, Ultimo NSW 2007 Email: [email protected] © 2020 TAFE NSW, SydneyRTO Provider Number 90003 | CRICOS Provider Code: 00591E This assessment can be found in the: Learning Bank The contents in this document is copyright © TAFE NSW 2020, and should not be reproduced without the permission of the TAFE NSW. Information contained in this document is correct at time of printing: 17 June 2021. For current information please refer to our website or your teacher as appropriate. Assessment instructions Table 1 Assessment instructions Assessment detailsInstructionsAssessment overviewThe objective of this assessment is to assess your skills as would be required to: identify language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) requirements of training and work environment use resources and strategies needed for the learner group.Assessment Event number3 of 3Instructions for this assessmentThis is a skill-based assessment and will be assessing you on your ability to demonstrate the skills required in the unit. This assessment is in two parts: Apply instructional learning strategies Evaluation of LLN strategies and support This assessment also contains: Appendix Assessment feedback including observation checklistSubmission instructionsOn completion of this assessment, you are required to upload it or hand it to your trainer for marking. If you study online, you will submit this assessment by uploading it in your online platform. Ensure your name is at the bottom of each page of this assessment. It is important that you keep a copy of all electronic and hardcopy assessments submitted to TAFE and complete the assessment declaration when submitting the assessment. Ensure you have downloaded the files/folders identified under “What the assessor will provide”.What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result?To achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment all questions must be answered correctly. All parts of the observable task must be performed to a satisfactory level as indicated in the criteria section of the Observation Checklist, This may involve your teacher/assessor allowing you to resubmit some of your answers. Alternatively, your teacher/assessor may ask you additional questions to confirm your understanding and knowledge of the topic area.What do I need to provide?Two real vocational learners are required to successfully complete assessment task 3. For fully online students, it is your responsibility to source two suitable candidates to complete assessment task 3. Note: Fully online students you may wish to use the same two learners to complete assessment event 3. If working off-campus, a computer with internet access to complete electronically and upload the assessments. Training materials and other research you have completed to refer to while completing the answers.What the assessor will provide?Where completed on campus, access to a computer with working internet to complete electronically and upload the assessment. An electronic or hard copy of the ACSF ( date/time allowed/venueThis assessment must be submitted by the due date noted in the Unit Assessment Guide. If you study online, you can find assessment due dates/time allowed/venue information on your online platform on the Assessment page or in your Training Plan. You should allow a minimum of three hours to complete this assessment. You may need additional time for preparation, research and revision to ensure you have responded to each question and task satisfactorily.SupervisionThis assessment may be completed in class or out of class. Where completed out of class a video recording of the training session must be provided to the assessor. Your assessor may ask for additional evidence to verify the authenticity of your submission and confirm that the assessment task was completed by you. This may include oral questioning, comparison with in-class work samples, or observation.Assessment feedback, review or appealsIn accordance with the TAFE NSW policy Manage Assessment Appeals, all students have the right to appeal an assessment decision in relation to how the assessment was conducted and the outcome of the assessment. Appeals must be lodged within 14 working days of the formal notification of the result of the assessment.   If you would like to request a review of your results or if you have any concerns about your results, contact your Teacher or Head Teacher.  If they are unavailable, contact the Student Administration Officer.  Contact your Head Teacher for the assessment appeals procedures at your college/campus.  Specific task instructions The instructions and the criteria in the tasks and activities below will be used by the assessor to determine whether the tasks and activities have been satisfactorily completed. Use these instructions and criteria to ensure you demonstrate the required skills and knowledge. You must use a minimum of two real vocational learners to complete this assessment. A real vocational learner is one who is undertaking learning, or training, of specific skills directly related to their employment. If you are unable to complete this assessment using real vocational learners from your workplace, please speak with your assessor before commencing this assessment. This is an open book assessment. You may access any reference you choose to help you complete this assessment, provided your answer is in your own words. Part 1: Apply instructional learning strategies You are required to deliver a 10-20 minute training session to your learners covering part of the unit of competency or workplace procedure you identified in Assessment Event 2. Your assessor will observe your training session and provide feedback on your training delivery using Part 2: Assessor observation checklist. Please review this document prior to your training delivery to ensure you cover all requirements. You will need to demonstrate: Two instructional/learning strategiesTwo assessment strategies You may use specialist support if available and required. Arrange with your assessor how they will observe you using the learning and assessment strategies. If you are completing the course fully online, you will be required to upload a video recording of this training session. Use Appendix: Video and audio upload instructions to assist you with this process. Part 2: Evaluation of LLN strategies and support Evaluate the effectiveness of any specialist support provided and two delivery strategies. Seek feedback from the candidates involved in the training where possible and from either a workplace supervisor, trainer/assessor or LLN specialist. Use the tables provided to collate your findings. Table 2 – Candidate feedback Candidate nameFeedback provided Table 3 – Review of LLN specialist support Review of specialist LLN supportResponseOutline what specialist support was provided and how it was integrated into the training and assessment practice Note this could be a review of the advice provided in Event 2 Task 4 if specialist support was not physically provided by an LLN specialistOutline what worked wellOutline your recommendations/changes or additions for improving LLN support Table 4 – Review of instructional strategy 1 Review of instructional/learning strategy 1ResponseOutline the instructional/learning strategy reviewedList the methods of review usedProvide a summary of the feedbackOutline what worked wellRecommendations/ changes for improving LLN learning support strategies Table 5 – Review of instructional strategy 2 Review of instructional/learning strategy 2ResponseOutline the instructional/learning strategy reviewedList the methods of review usedProvide a summary of the feedbackOutline what worked wellRecommendations/ changes for improving LLN support strategies Evaluate the effectiveness of two assessment strategies used. Seek feedback from the candidates involved in the training where possible and from either a workplace supervisor, trainer/assessor or LLN specialist. Use the tables provided to collate your findings: Table 6 – Review of assessment strategy 1 Review of assessment strategy 1ResponseOutline the assessment strategy reviewedProvide a summary of the feedbackOutline what worked wellRecommendations/ changes for improving assessment strategies Table 7 – Review of assessment strategy 2 Review of assessment strategy 2ResponseOutline the assessment strategy reviewedProvide a summary of the feedbackOutline what worked wellRecommendations/ changes for improving assessment strategies Appendix Video and audio upload instructions You can use a simple video camera or voice recorder such as those found on most smartphones. For video: You must ensure you are clearly visible and clearly audible in the video. Complete a test run first. If your assessor is not able to clearly see or hear you – you will have to redo the task.Ensure you have a record of agreement from anyone who will be in the video prior to videoing.Introduce yourself and state the date and purpose of the video.Consider stopping and starting the recording to capture the relevant items for assessment. For audio: You must ensure that you and the people featured in the audio recording can be clearly heard.Introduce yourself and state the date a purpose of the video.Introduce all of the people you will be recording and ask them to verbally agree to take part. Submitting your video and audio Your video files will be a large size and too big to upload straight to our online learning platform. Use one of the following options to submit your video evidence. Upload your video files to a video hosting site such as YouTube, Vimeo or file-sharing sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive. These cloud-based file sharing sites are also the appropriate place to upload your audio recordings. Provide a document in the TAFE Digital Campus upload area that contains the URL location and any password protection for your files. Alternatively, you may have been provided with a template in which to place the URLs. If your internet speed prevents you from uploading large files, you can post your files on a USB drive. You will need to contact your facilitator for the best postal address. Provide a document in the assessment upload area that provides details on when your video was posted. Video tips Here are some excellent video tips on how to use your smartphone to record video.You can download a Video Compression App to compress your video files or watch this video of How to compress your video file size.Remember to video with your phone in the sideways position.Borrow a tripod from your local TAFE library to hold your phone steady or ask another friend to video you. Audio tips Learn how to use the iPhone voice recorderLearn how to use the Android voice recorderYou can use the earphones and mic that came with your phone for a clearer recording. Assessment Feedback This section is to be completed by the assessor. Once feedback has been provided by the assessor you will be given the opportunity to respond. If you study online, your assessment outcome, feedback and acknowledgement will be in your online platform on the Assessment/Results page or in your Course progress area. Assessor observation checklist Table 8 – Assessor observation student and assessor details Student NameDate of TrainingAssessor NameTraining ConductedAssessor SignatureDate Signed Table 9 – Assessor observations Task NoCriteria: task/activity performedYesNoAssessor feedbackMaintains the confidentiality of the students with LLN needs☐☐Treats all students with dignity and respect at all times through appropriate: Body language Vocabulary Tone Pace☐☐Observes any cultural sensitivities☐☐Builds rapport with the student through engaging them in conversation☐☐Uses at least two LLN instructional strategies to make the learning accessible☐☐Uses at least two LLN assessment strategies that make the assessment accessible and still maintain the level of competency required☐☐Monitors effectiveness of LLN strategies by checking for understanding during delivery and changes approach as required☐☐ Table 10 – Assessor observation additional comments Additional assessor comments Specific task feedback Part 1: Apply instructional learning strategies Criteria met? Y/NFeedbackDelivered an appropriate training session to the learnersThe delivery included the implementation of: Two instructional/learning strategies Two assessment strategiesAssessor observation feedback form completed Part 2: Evaluation of LLN strategies and support Criteria met? Y/NFeedbackReview of the specialist LLN support completed appropriatelyReview of the instructional strategies completed appropriatelyReview of the assessment strategies completed appropriately Additional evidence for verification of assessment Additional questions asked by the assessor Assessors may ask additional questions to clarify student understanding. List here any additional questions that were asked during this assessment event. Student responses to additional questions Record the student responses to any additional questions that were asked during this assessment event. Overall Assessment Event Feedback NOTE: This section must have the assessor signature and student signature to complete the feedback except if the student submits the assessment online. Assessment outcome ☐ Satisfactory ☐ Unsatisfactory Assessor Feedback ☐ Has the Assessment Declaration on page 1 been signed and dated by the student? ☐ Are you assured that the evidence presented for assessment is the student’s own work? ☐ Was the assessment event successfully completed? ☐ If no, was the resubmission/re-assessment successfully completed? ☐ Was reasonable adjustment in place for this assessment event?If yes, ensure it is detailed on the assessment document. Comments: Assessor name, signature and date: Student acknowledgement of assessment outcome Would you like to make any comments about this assessment? Student name, signature and date NOTE: Make sure you have written your name at the bottom of each page of your submission before attaching the cover sheet and submitting to your assessor for marking.


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