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elp61C-.4a00 0En Information E Introduction E Submission a. ■Penalties Specrficabon4 Specification 1. Core Requirements: • The ability to read in and translate digital values from the sensors into values that represent real world values • The ability to send signets to actuators that will modify the environ-ment to either increase or decrease parameters of the simulation • A feedback loop that will potentially run forever that will read in values from the sensors and trigger the actuators as necessary to keep the values within and ranges Additional Features• GUI frontend to your feedback loop • GUI frontend should be able to adjust the required parameters for temperature, light, humidity etc for a plant • GUI frontend should capture and display traces of all parameters and actuators for the last 24 hours — Traces should show a line for the high threshhold — Traces should show a line for the low threshhold • The ability to save and load profiles for different plants • GUI should have a warning if the water tank level goes below a predetermined amount. There should be a button to simulate a real of the tankExtras• add as many features of your choosing to enhance this furtherCI, 9 Q r- At • a •


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