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10:20 di S’STATISTICS PROJECT…000INFODISCUSSIONSTATISTICS PROJECT WORTH 20% OF FINAL GRADESOue:Monday, Apr 12, 2021, 11:59 PMREAD THE PROJECT AND GO THROUGH THE MEMBER LIST OF YOUR GROUP AND DO THE TWO TASK IN THE VERY FIRST WEEK AND LET ME KNOW IN THE DISUSION POST SO THAT EACH MEMBER KNOW ABOUT YOUR DECISION: CHOOSE YOUR GROUP LEADER 2. WHICH PART OF THE PROJECT YOU ARE FINISING INDIVIDUALLYHERE IS YOUR GROUP PROJECT:STATISTICS PROJECT — 20 % of Final GradesThis project assignment is designed to reinforce your understanding of statistics skills we learned till Mid Term. This comprises 20% of your course grade for the semester.Technical accuracy is of course important in this project assignment. After all, this is a statistics class. The numbers MATTER. And in the “real world” the wrong numbers can bankrupt your company and cause you to lose your job.However, clarity of communication is also important. It doesn’t matter how glorious the analysis is, if you cannot convey your findings to others. In the “real world” if your project report is a confused, sloppy mess, then it will not be regarded as credible. In this class, if I cannot EASILY figure out what you are doing in your computations, you cannot get a credit for it.


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