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10:20I S.STATISTICS PROJECT… 0 0 0INFODISCUSSIONSTATISTICS PROJECT WORTH 20% OF FINAL GRADESDue:Monday, Apr 12, 2021, 11 VVI Idl CCU! I upi CJCIv The order of pages• Cover Sheet your name, date, teacher’s name, title of project• Table of ContentsAnalysis or Data: this is where you include all statistical tests for comparison of data. Your graphs and charts go here as well.• Conclusion: You interpret your findings (what can you conclude or not conclude from your research).Discussion: Suggestions for further work in the area of your topic as well as recommendations are mentioned here.Evaluation The statistics project will be evaluated on 1. Creativity and originality. Organization and neatness (Does the report adhere to the format guidelines?)Clarity (vocabulary, English structure, data& charts)Validity of conclusions (Was the objective accomplished?)


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