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Assignment Two Semester One 2021CaseThe organisation for whom you have established an ERP application has engaged you as an ERPconsultant to setup the Dynamics AX ERP application to manufacture a new product.The product is a Tablet computer (TabletY72companyid). The tablet has the following bill ofmaterials. All items have quantity of 1. Product CodeTbCasingLowerCompIdTBCasingUpperCompIdLPScreenCompLpKeyboardCompLpProcessorCompLpHardDriveCompBatteryCompLpBoardCompCost Price$4 (Use any groups)$4 (Use any groups)$250$120$120$60$80$60 Stock is managed by an ABC costing system. C. products cost less than $5, B. products cost $5 to$200, A. products cost more than $200. Products that are classified as C. will be managed byminimum and maximum stock management, that has a minimum of 300 and maximum of 600 units.Products that are classified as B. will be purchased forecasts with a quantity of 100 per week for twomonths. Products that are classified as A. will be managed by requirements from a sales forecastassociated with the tablet.The tablet is to have a seasonal sales forecast. The sales forecast has a seasonality trend of 1000units over a 12 week period. The distribution of the sales forecast is as follows. Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 126%6%6%7%7%7%7%10%10%10%12%12% The Tablet will require an additional manufacturing process. A new extruding machine will need tobe added to the production environment. The extruding machine (Extrusion) needs to beestablished as a work centre and an operation (Extrude) also needs to be created. The productioncalendar will be 16 hours Monday to Friday and 8 hours Saturday. The following production routewill need to be created for the Tablet. Operation NumberWork Centre/ResourceOperationQuantity per hour 10 Extrusion Extrude 2520 Components Components 1230 Cabling Cable Solder 540 Final Fit Fit Screen 650 Test Test Mobile 1060 Pack Pack Mobile 12You need to establish a new bill of materials, work centre, operation and production route as well asinventory forecasts. You are also required to test the system by executing a materials requirementplan (MRP) and master resource plan (MRPII), as well as successfully producing 10 tablet computers.InstructionsFor this assignment you are required to complete the following. Develop Use Case descriptions and relationships Make changes to the application to create the workflow(s) Create a Systems Sequence diagram for the workflow entities and key attributesMarking Rubric High Distinction80% +Distinction70-79%Credit60-69%Pass50-59%Below Pass/Fail49% –ULO 3 Articulate the role ofbusiness systems analysis inERP systemimplementations.30%[18 marks]Provides a flawless andhighly detailed evaluationof Use Cases. Provides anexcellent explication ofusers, events andrelationships.Provides a detailedevaluation of UseCases. Identifies allusers, all eventsand keyrelationships.Provides a mostlydetailed evaluation ofUse Cases.Identifies all users,most events and keyrelationships.Provides anincompleteevaluation of UseCases. Identifiesmost users, mainevents and somerelationships.Provides no orinadequateevaluation of UseCases. Inadequatedemonstration ofusers, events andrelationships.ERP ProcessULO 1 Apply the navigationand systems operationfeatures of an ERP system inan organisation context.40% weight[24 marks]Provides a flawless and highlyapplication of navigation andsystem operation features.Process fully integrated; coredata has been establishedProvides a detailedapplication ofnavigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process isintegrated but hasminor process flaws,core data has beenestablished. .Provides a mostlydetailed applicationof navigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process ispartially integrated,core data has beenestablished. .Provides anincompleteapplication ofnavigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process isnot integrated, coredata has beenestablished.Provides little or noapplication ofnavigation andsystem operationfeatures. Process isnot integrated andlimited setup of data.ULO 4 Analyse theprocess(es) of ERP systems inorganisations.30% weight[18 marks]Provides a highly detailedand articulate explanationof business processes.Accurate notation,excellent input, output andconditionsProvides a highlydetailedexplanation ofbusiness processes.Correct notation,good input, outputand most conditionsare accuratelyidentified.Provides a detailedexplanation ofbusiness processes.Correct notation,input and output iswell developed.Accurateconditions.Provides some basicexplanation ofbusiness processes.Mostly correctnotation,multiplicity. Mostinput and output.Some accurateconditions.Provides minimalexplanation ofbusiness processes.Inadequatedemonstration ofnotation, input,output andconditions.


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