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100% — 12 / 17 oD• •Task details: The assessment will consist of a series of short answer questions relating to subject content from topics covered in weeks 1 to 5 inclusive.Submission requirements details: In class testMarking Rubric:Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good Very good Exceptional Grade Fail Pass Credit Distinction High distinction Mait 0-49% 50-64% 65-74% 75-84% >84%Assessment 4Assessment type: Group assessmentPurpose: This assessment will allow students to develop a website. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d.Value: 50% (Project plan 10%; Group report 25%; Group presentation 15%) Due Date: Week 4 (Project plan); Week 10 (Group report); Weeks 11-12 (Group presentations) Assessment topic: Group Project (3-5 members in a group): project plan (500 words – will be discussed in class), report with working prototype (2,500 words) and presentation (15 minutes).


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