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For this assignment, you are required to • Choose one of the topics given below. • Produce a PowerPoint presentation of your chosen topic (with a maximum of 10 slides), together with speaker notes. Your presentation should include a summary of 3 to 5 literature sources (including a data source) used in researching your topic. Choose one of the following topics: – The use of social media by higher education (HE) students – which platforms and for what purposes. – The popularity of electric vehicles in the UK. – The effect of budget cuts on social services and communities in the UK. – The impact of immigration on the UK economy. – Diet and dieting among higher education students in the UK.  Assignment Task Part B – Individual Written Report You are required to write a report which includes a description of the most current literature sources and data relevant to your chosen topic for the United Kingdom. The source of this data must be from material you summarized in your PowerPoint presentation.  The report should include an introduction to the topic, the process used to select the materials, a summary of the materials, an evaluation of the relevance/appropriateness of the literature sources, and reflections on your own learning during the research.  Suggested structure of the Written Report is as follows:  1. Introduction to the topic (including a background) 2. Description of the literature and data 3. Process used to select the literature and data including a discussion on how to ensure references are reputable and reliable. 4. Summary of the literature and data  5. Evaluation of the relevance and reliability of the literature sources 6. Reflections on your own learning during the research


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