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The case name is: Westlake Lanes: How can this business be saved? Please note: *use the attached “WestlakeLanes.docx” as the numbers are different from the version found online. *We have also attached “FormatReference.docx” for you to use as a reference for the format. Form + Style (20 %) – Grammar, spelling + readability – Effective use of thesis statements – Professional appearance, e.g., page numbers and titles for tables, charts + appendices – Integration between sections of report Key Issue(s) (5 %) – Concise identification of main issue(s) Analysis (30%) 1. External Analysis For external Analysis: PESTEL Analysis (And conclusion on analysis), Porters Five Forces Analysis (And conclusion on analysis) 2. Internal Analysis For Internal Analysis: SWOT Analysis (And conclusion on analysis), VRIO Analysis (And conclusion on analysis) – Correct use of strategy concepts + frameworks 3. financial analysis of firm: Use of qualitative + quantitative data – Insightful evidence-based development and evaluation vs. repetition of case details Criteria + Options (15%) (3 paragraphs, 1 for each point) 1. Identification + use of suitable decision criteria to rank options 2. Development of practical options in relation to identified issue(s) + prior analysis 3. Qualitative + financial evaluation and comparison of options Recommendations (10%) – Justification and Integration of recommendations Implementation (20%) – Detailed + practical action to put recommendations in place (both short & long-run) – Timeline of sequence of actions, e.g. Gantt chart – Controls + timeline to measure if plan is on track – Contingency plan


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