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Itg the italitynd ere ndyLAssessment 3 Your Industry Compendium 50%Assessment Details AG Attached Files: D A3 Compen4m marking criteria rationale.pdf AG (634.562 KB) D A3 Compendium Guidance format.pdf AG (963.588 KB) A3 Marking Rubric.pdf AG (1.082 MB)Title: Your Industry Compendium Description: Students are required to compile a Tourism and Hospitality Industry Compendium which comprises a variety of industry information. Format:It will include, but not necessarily be limited to, information on topics such as important industry organisations, employment opportunities, matters relating to workforce diversity, leadership and management related skills, all of which are needed in this dynamic and competitive industry. While completing this compendium you should be considering Human Resource Management practices such as job descriptions and person specifications, career development, training and development, workplace health and safety, and codes of conduct and related matters. While some of these practices are common across all industries, the Tourism and Hospitality industries often have a number of industry specific, and focus areas.Assignment documents: Format, Rationale, Guidance: See attached Marking Rubric: See attached /


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