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Academic Writing and opts a pts 2 pts 0 pts Corruentions I. Developing 2.. Functional (Pass) 3. Proficient 9.Advanced Academic writing and Wail) • Adheres to most bask (Credit) (Distin.on or above) conventions in terms of: • Fails to expectations regardIng • Meets • Meets all • Accurate citations and demonstra. the formatting and almost all …bons and rehrencing an presentation of the work expectations conve.ons • • Structure of Ihe work understanding • Has a logical structure and ReferencIng is • Use of grammar of what is expected in includng introduction, main body, conclusion conve.ons • References accurate both in text and following the 6 ptS the document, no use of spell and reference Ilst – Spell checked a. are cited correctly and prescrlhed referencing method in Ole list of check, poor grammar and/or . logical structure grammahcally correct accurately – Arguments are logical . .1low references – Arguments are well present. and easy to .11ow Total Points: 30


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