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Your submission will be a .zip or .tgz archive consisting of your design files and a final design document (PDF).The final design document will describe the overall architecture of your approach, each of the subsystem/blocks in your design, and your design methodology (how you chose to design a particular subsystem/block, and why you chose that method). You should apply and report the application of any concepts learned in class — Quine-McCluskley, timing issues, hazards, state encoding schemes/reduction, etc.A design report template has been provided.Furthermore, your final design document should detail your testing procedure — what input test vectors you chose, and why, along with what is the expected result from your design and what is the simulated result. (In practice, we would have some real hardware and you would also report the observed results.) Take advantage of the “test” features in Digital or the assertion statements in VHDL to facilitate your testing.Engineering is about solving humankind’s problems economically, so your final design document also needs to contain a cost analysis of your design. Your team needs to track the total time expended in design — this is the non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs. This design time includes planning, designing, debugging, testing, and documentation. Report the amount of time spent doing each of these activities. Your loaded (includes benefits and retirement) compensation rate is $75/h. Your design implementation has a cost — often, quoted as a bill of materials or BoM costs. This is the material cost to build a single unit. For our purposes, you will need to report the BoM as the number and type of each digital gate used. Report the type and number of each block in your design. Then, also report out the type of number of each of the fundamental gates — inverters, NANDs, NORs, ANDs, ORs, etc. While these values are arbitrary, compute the BoM costs for your design usinggate cost NOT 2 cents NAND/NOR 3 cents + 1 cent per input (NAND4 = 7 cents) other basic logic gates 5 cents + 1 cent per input (XOR4 = 9 cents) FFs 15 cents button 100 cents LED 85 cents 7-segment 150 cents memory 10 cents per bit + 5 cents per addr/data lineBe sure to clearly indicate your NRE and BoM costs. The most efficient design team may receive bonus points.


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