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Iissa_prjill Assessment task 1 XFeedback Studio X lack of resourcesu/pluginfile.php/4705381 /mod_resource/content/1 /Assessment%20tacy and safety… Ea Diagnosis and Class… Diabetes Nutrition… 111 Type 2 dial El c Page view I Read aloud V Draw vNRSG371: Building Healthy CommunitiesASSESSMENT I INFORMATIONAssessment type: Poster PurposeDACUThis assessment task requires you to examine a community health issue and identify key points where changes can be made An understanding of what is possible is required by any health care professional when approaching an issue if they are to plan for a genuine outcomeDue Date’ Week 6. Wednesdays 4T of April 2021 Time Due 0900hrs Wevhhog 50% Length 1200. 1500 words (includes intext citations. excludes reference list) Assessment Rubric Appendix A of unit outlineLOs AssessedTaskL01. LO2 LO3 Description This assessment task requires you to examine a health issue from the list below (National Health Priority Areas)Dementia N100115 and musculoskeletal conditions Injury prevention and controlPad ADescribe the Impact of the health issue at the level of the individual, the community, and the populationOars B Outline one key point wham changes can he Made for each of the toltowmg the individual the community and the population The deflated changes should encompass the rots of the nurse.Pa! C Develop an action plan. using awdenoe.based research. to address pax chosen health Isom targeting one key area of change that yeti maimed In pert B Here. you will Laths& a health promotion plarvung cycle identifying hearth promotion and diness prevention sit utopias in the designI digul Aurkenr, Health Care !Release-male 0Message…w


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