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G ma il sf Home tra MTV-Hindi India 0…HC1041.T1.2021 Final Assessment NoticePosted on: Tuesday, 25 May 2021 8:07:11 AM AESTriblIWAXISL Your final assessment for this unit is opened at Sam on the Thursday 17th, June 2021. The document and the link will only open or appear at that time only, until Friday, 18th June 2021, 8am. You have a max of 24hrs to complete and submit to blackboard your answers. The document can be found with the submission link under ” Assessment Submission Link” via the Assessments menu item on blackboard for this unitThe final assessment paper consists of 6 questions. You must answer all six(6) questions.The paper is worth a max of 40 marks. Questions 1 – 4 are worth a max of 5 marks each. Q5 and 6 are worth a max of 10 marks each. Use the document to enter your name and student number. Also, use the provided text boxes to input your solutions. Follow all rules and requirements of the final assessment item.


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