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ICT272moodle.koi.edu.auCompiled by: Ali Braytee Term 1- 2021King’s Own InstituteWelcome to use Sydney Coffee Program Enter customer name: Paul Smith Enter the number of coffee beans bags (bag/lkg): 4 Enter yes/no to indicate whether you are a reseller: yes The total sales from Paul Smith is $127.8Enter customer name: Tony Mcdonald Enter the number of coffee beans bags (baglIkg): 3 Enter yes/no to indicate whether you are a reseller. no The total sales from Paul Smith is $114.0• After all N sets of input data are entered from the keyboard, your program will also display the information that includes the customer spending most, the customer spending least as shown in the below figureSummary of sales Name Quantity Reseller Charge Paul Smith 4 yes $127.8 Tony Mcdonald 3 no $114.0The customer spending most is Paul Smith $127.8 The customer spending least is Tony Mcdonald $114.0• The application should be user-friendly by displaying appropriate welcome, exit and error messages.Submission requirements: All files must be uploaded on Moodie as a zipped File. 2. Create a user manual to show how the program works. Also, you need to provide screenshots for test case when the user enters a quantity less than 1 or greater than 100. Assignment cover, user manual, and test cases should be submitted in one word format report.ICT272 Compiled by: All Braytee Term 1- 2021,,,„ King’s Own InstituteMarking CriteriaCriteria Fail (0 – 49%) Pass (50 – 64%) Credit (65 – 74%) Distinction (75 – 84%) High Distinction (85 – 100%) Declare variables, if-else r tatements and loops Value 1.5% No variables or control statements are used in Some variables or control statements Variables and control are sufficient Variables and control statements are sufficient to implement the requirements. Variables and controlstatements are exceptionally used in the right places. i Mark awarded qt the


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