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11:09 AM0.0KB/s.al Rt 9aUniversity School of Physics, Engineering and Compote, ScienceTD1,1=ren …meg the following module Learning Outcomes Mom Petiole,. ModuleI. =::::dZyth 2. Apply analysis, antl-70’4,V.`1=7,la autonomously coot 3 i’u,iniFc„,it, mote.% for sol.op prolechnique,! to pI01M Complex heterogeneous .n test pOnalralidn last, within a complex andAssignment BM Mon=co=r2FrorIDEFFgria=2″e% You are only regulretl to wtlenakeVour Uient has asked your empbyer to conduct Ne penebauon tell against a server, es they leer Ney miyit have already been haaU+ed, 7o Ihry bem of thak knowlodpo. the compaM assumes thel Ne aervtt ollors only Ne following oNine servlcw: hap, b) ssh, entl c) uric. especially, m this module. II you Wotluce7-fiETT,IcEi:T’;°’:47P:of:Fa’ai:::::: roducod. The deadline la Nis nsvprariom s You ere expectetl to to ux the ports Ihdi you „=1.1„,t r=r,—”0 9″. .c””” “P.” Inlormmim about the W address of target d yow lest u well as the sehadule to access c a available an Caritas. Speailwly, please navigate to Ne motlule on Canvas and select the ‘Your Assignment IP address and your Amu Sthoduli page. whin s available under Oro 1AOduh Irdomutlon’ Unit, in order la Imtl mare lnlormauon. Please bole et Ne Assessment Cntena table, which is provbetl DNOw, for untlerstandmg Ne expected sirodura 01 you report. Vou are ragwed to aesonl your Ilndlnps In a factual manntt to convince decision Nameuve secwn, you ” expected to tlscuss Ne attacks you have undeneken antl whet vulnttobllaies you hove Iesl0d in expected have round on the target.Assessment Criteria 1;”: “‘”■ 0


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