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M67: Fundamentals of risk managementMixed assessment coursework — assignment 2017 Coursework submission rules and important notes Before commencing work on, or submitting, your coursework assignment it is essential that you fully familiarise yourself with the content of Mixed Assessment Candidate Guidelines_ This includes the following information: • These questions must not be provided to, or discussed with, any other person regardless of whether they are another candidate or not. If you are found to have breached this rule, disciplinary action may be taken against you_ • Answers to a coursework assignment should be between 5,000 and io,000 words in total depending on your writing style. ■ Arial font and size 11 to be used in your answers. • Important rules relating to referencing all sources including the study text, regulations and citing statute and case law. • Penalties for contravention of the rules relating to plagiarism and collaboration_ ■ Six month deadline from enrolment date for the submission of coursework answers. • The total marks available are 200. You need to obtain 120 marks to pass this assignment. ■ Do not include your name or Cll PIN anywhere in your answers.Top tips for answering coursework questions • Read the M67 Specimen coursework assignment and the guidance it contains regarding question deconstruction and answer planning. ■ Read the Learning Outcome(s) and related study text for each question before answering it. • Ensure your answer reflects the context of the question. Your answer must be based on the figures and/or information used in the question. • Ensure you answer all questions. • Address all the issues raised in each question. • Do not group question parts together in your answer. if there are parts (a) and (b), answer them separately. ■ Where a question requires you to address several items, the marks available for each item are equally weighted. For example, if 4 items are required and the question is worth 12 marks, each item is worth 3 marks. • Ensure that the length and breadth of each answer matches the maximum marks available. For example, a 30 mark question requires more breadth than a io or 20 mark question. C I ICopyright 2017 The Chartered Insurance Institute. All rights reserved.


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