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“Money-B-Mine” is a financial services company that specialises in providing market financial information for retail customers. Beginning in 1980 with its head office in Sydney, “money-B-Mine” has built a reputation for sound data and relevant financial information. With a current customer base of just over 1300 customers, the company feels the time is right to introduce financial market information from outside of Australia. This new stage sees the desire to incorporate information from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Based on historical data, an opportunity has arisen allowing internal analysts to review NYSE information to make informed decisions on market movement. This analysis will allow internal reporting based on any configuration of data from the NYSE since 2001. It is hoped reports can be generated by date, stock movement, high/low ratios and any other configuration to do with only the NYSE global data. Having seen the data made available from the NSYE, the company’s head market analyst, Mike Jacobs, has recognised that customers could use the same information without a large investment from the company. As long as the data is available in a controlled application, customers will see large value in having access to this information. “Money-B-Mine” is proud of the fact they can move quickly as a company to take advantage of opportunities that arise in the financial market, and as such, are looking to build a solution that is modular in nature so that it may be built upon easily in the future. This also means staff can utilise projects before they are fully “complete”. The directors are excited about this opportunity to expand into external market analysis, but are nervous about the possible cost in development of the applications and infrastructure to utilise this information internally by analysts as well as offer self-analysis tools for existing customers


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