Project assignment for MEN… Li

5:45 .11 S”< Project assignment for MEN… Lijcourse, your name, and date submitted. The title block information may not exceed 4″ wide by 2″ high centered in the upper third of the title page. The rest of that page must be blank for purpose of comments and grade. B. Abstract (See below for description) C. Table of Contents: An example is shown below. 1. Introduction Background ResearchAnalysis2ResultsBibliographyAppendices1224262720Each of these will be discussed in turn as follows: D. Introduction: This serves to define the original problem statement as given and sets the scene for what follows. E. Background Research: This section should be a thorough and extensive discussion of all you have learned about the general background of the problem. This includes, but is not limited to, literature searches, references, etc. In short, you will report what you have learned about the relevant topics of concern. F. Analysis: This section includes your dynamic analysis. You should include the principles used and assumptions made. G. Results: This section clearly describes your final results. H. Conclusions: Here you describe what you learned in this project, what pitfalls you encountered and what gains or insights you made. I. Bibliography: contains all references used in report listed by author, title, and publisher. J.. Appendices: An appendix means an “add-on’. This is the repository for a data or information which are useful but would otherwise interrupt the flow of the report if included in its body. Examples of items belonging in the appendix are computer programs, or extensive printouts, catalog information, mathematical proofs or derivations, extensive test data, etc. Do not put individual illustration which is germane to the design discussion in the appendix. They should be in the body of the report and be discussed there. Reference must also be made in the report to all material which is in the appendices. If it is not referenced or discussed, it should not be there. It is then just filler! K. Abstract: Though this appears first in the report, it must actually be written last, because an abstract is intended to summarize the results of the exercise. It must clearly and concisely (half to one page maximum) describe what you set out to do and what you did. It is a summary of your results and accomplishments.


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