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OSubject OutlineTask 2: Research Project (8%) You are working as Network Design Engineer with local service provider and your manager has asked you to propose the design for the below cellular architecture shown in Figure 1. In your design provide the following information with reasons; Base station sites locations, Antenna specification (such as antenna shape, height, gains etc), mention the type of the area considering the cell size (such as suburban, metropolitan, rural etc) and justify you design. Note that the numbers within each cell are representing the traffic density in Erlang. (6 marks) 2. Looking at the figure below, justify the design of this cellular network with appropriate reasoning? (2 marks) Figure 1: Cellular Architecture Task 3: Viva Questions (5%) Your lecturer will ask questions from Task 1 and Task 2 in the LIdSS or ()mine rneetiligS after the


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