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OSubject Outline Task 1 (12%): Practical TasksTask Q1 (5%)Task 1 Ql: In this question, you are required to use GNU Octave. Sinusoidal (sine) waves are commonly used in wireless communication to represent the signal that needs to be transmitted over the wireless channel, e.g., in various modulation techniques. A sinusoidal wave can be mathematically represented as y = Asin(2*7″ f * t) where A, 7, f, t represent amplitude, a constant pi, frequency (Hz), and time (seconds), respectively. Using GNU Octave, plot two sine waves (Y-1 , Y2,Y3 ) on the same plot (hint: use subplot command) with A = 1, 7 = 3.14, ti = 3Hz, f2 = 2f1 ,f3 = 3f1 , (value of t goes from zero to thirty). Label x and y axis of each plot with ‘Time (sec)’ and ‘Amplitude’ respectively. Give the title of the plot as ‘Name = your name, SID = your student ID’.Deliverable: You are required to submit your executable Octave code in a text file and figure showing three plots. Submit only one file including code and figure.Task 1 Q2: Free Space Propagation and Path Loss (7%)In a free space wireless propagation environment, transmit power between a transmitter and receiver usually decreases due to free space path loss denoted as L f (dB) and can be expressed as a function of distance d between the transmitter and receiver. Your task is to calculatrIMITMMITTPAITRIts Lf (dB) for a


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