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10:02)< 2021S1-Psych116… 0, 29 nTo: P,S’I’C 1160 — COI From: Marie Don:guard — Psychology Instructor Date: Spring Term — 2021 Re: Term Assignment — Annotated Bibliography DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO COMPLETE YOUR TERM ASSIGNMENTOVERVIEW Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to crests comprehensive Annotated Bibliography, which is nothing more than a detailed research paper outline. The Annotated Bibliography must have at a minimum three (3) sub-sections with at least one (1) Peer Reviewed — Academic Journal Article source for each sub-section that helps explain something about the chosen psychology topic of interest. In addition, how do your research findings inform your world view and/or your chosen career path? Upon successful completion of this assignment, students will have gained a practical understanding of how to create an effective outline that directs their research and writing of a research paper in the Behavioural Sciences.Whether acquiring new knowledge, or adding to the existing body of knowledge, Psychologists employ scientific principles and methodologies in their search for the underlying causal mechanisms. There is a mistaken belief among some that Psychology is a manufactured discipline, however, Psychology is one of the several Behavioural Sciences (e.g., Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology) with a rich history and a huge volume of credible scientific research that is validated by fellow Behavioural Science researchers; it is not simply based on the interpretation or personal opinion of the individual.Assignment: Students must select a single topic that is of interest to them; The Annotated Bibliography (i.e., the detailed research paper outline) is intended to teach students essential research paper writing skills that will help them answer the Research Question.Your Annotated Biblioaravhies must have: • An Introductory Paragraph tells the reader what the paper will be about and the research question posed by: • Three (3) Sub-sections with at least one (1) Academic —Peer Reviewed Reference (i.e., an academic .source from an Academic Journal) in each sub-section. • A very brief Conclusion that summarizes why this information is important to understand. • Maxhnum of I page describing the practical application of the chosen topic to your world view or career path. • Provide a Reference page that lists all academic sources used in the correct APA format by alphabetical order by surname as prescribed by the APA (6th Ed.) PublishingManual. It is also important that your Annotated Bibliography is well-organized and flows together with continuity between the sections.PSYI 160,01 Page I


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