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1ifippRogfifillifil/111,111111,11/1111/11,FilifilliiiiiiilltilltitptimproppriympliffrifmpomplrimirpiT„Ii:Personal Reflection/Conclusion: The personal reflection/conclusion should answer questions such as: -How does the article contribute to your understanding of research? -Does the article change your views of the topic? -What do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of the article? -Do the study findings appear to be trustworthy—do you have confidence in the truth value of the results? -Does the article inspire confidence about the types of people and settings for whom the evidence is applicable?Adheres to APA 7th Edition format/style. ‘Faculty assess student writing. Title Page. Abstract & Paper Formatting: • Meets the standards set by APA 7th edition. i, • Title page meets guidelines for professional paper per APA 7th edition. Highlights: Title page needs to have a running head, page number, author note l , in addition to other required title page elements. An abstract for the paper must also be included. • • Abstract formatting is correct under APA 7th edition guidelines. • Abstract is between 150-250 words and contains a keywords section. • Abstract provides a brief synopsis of the paper, inclusive of the problem statement. • Correct use of level 1-4 headers as noted in the APA 7th edition manual. • The paper has page numbers located in the upper right margin within the header section. • Is within required page limit for assignment (Nine to ten pages of content. The nine to ten pages do not include title page, abstract. or reference page.)Adheres to APA 7th Edition Format and Style ‘Faculty assess student writing. In-text Citations & Reference Page: • Uses professional sources effectively and documents professional sources accurately with minimal errors. • Information of the critique provided with few quotes from original sources Ideally, no more than two or three. • Meets reference requirements for assignment. • Citations are in correct format per APA 7th edition. • Reference list is in correct format per APA 7th edition.Adheres to Scholarly Writing Standards for Graduate Students •Faculty assess student writing. Mechanics and Syntax: • Well-developed sentence structure with minimal errors in punctuation, spelling or grammar. • Appropriate margins and font. • Correct application of research style format. • Use of professional active voice writing rather than passive voice. • Skillful use of language with varied, accurate vocabulary.Adheres to Scholarly Writing Standards for Graduate Students ‘Faculty assess student writing..71717r1 .!!’7717241: I 6 pts 3 pts 0 pts Full Half 1 No Marks partially I Marks Clearly and/or I Incorrect covered. unclearlY 1 or covered. missing. 4 pts 1 2 pts 10 pts Full Marks Half I No Marks4 pts Full Marks2 pts 0 pts Half No Marks4 pts I 2 pts Full Marks Half0 pts No Marks1.4411491iII6 ptsl’,4 pt4 pts ‘4 pts


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