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A3 TitleStart DateDue DatePost DateMarks AvailableAssessment 3: Presentation – A38 Mar 2021 – 00:0013 Jun 2021 – 23:597 Jul 2021 – 00:0025Summary: Each student is required to select one empirical, peer-reviewed journal article and prepare power point slides to be submitted  online in week 12. This should be a different paper from the one used for assessment one and two.  You are required to record your voice while presenting and submit via the lecturer’s email address. Maximum 15 slides. Your PPT slides should be centered on the following:   1.     Problem of the study (The reason behind the study) 2.     Theoretical basis (Theories used by the author(s)) 3.     Logical reasoning 4.     Methodology used in the paper (Quantitative, qualitative or mixed and the analytical tools used) 5.     Findings of the study 6.     Limitations and future research direction 7.     Opinion about the study  (Focus on a. whether the study achieved its intended objectives. b. relevance of the theory used.  c. appropriateness of the methodology) .


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