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Assessment description and markingcriteriaLearning OutcomesAnglia Ruskin modules are taught on the basis of intended learning outcomes and, onsuccessful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to demonstrateyou have met these outcomes. Knowledge andunderstandingIntellectual, practical,affective andtransferable skillsLO 1. Explore how financial information isprovided and in what form for management decisionmakingLO 2. Select, explain and apply accountingtechniques to provide quantitative information fordecision makingLO 3. Critically assess information within theinternal and external context of the required decisionLO 4. Critically evaluate the role of financialinformation in the context of the whole organisation The assessment is based on meeting these learning outcomes, shown explicitly inAssessment Section, where the assessment task is linked to these learning outcomes.Element 0101.1 Assessment Information and Marking CriteriaThe assessment for this module consists of one element with final submission dateprovided below. ElementType ofassessmentWordortimelimit% ofTotalMarkSubmissionmethodFinalSubmissionDate10Coursework– End-termAssignment3,000words100%Quick GuidetoSubmittingonTurnitin®UKGradeMarkNO LATERTHAN2PM ONFRIDAY7TH MAY2021 Important: You are allowed to submit assignments up to five working days after thepublished (or extended) deadline. If you do so, the element of assessment to which theassignment contributes will be capped at 40%. If you have any questions about Turnitinsubmission, please contact administration team via [email protected] Element 010 – END TERM ASSIGNMENT 3000 WORDS (100%)Assignment brief 010: case studyCovid-19 has had a significant impact on business over the last 12 months. Somebusinesses, such as supermarkets, have done well but many others have gone intoliquidation. It will be necessary for all businesses to re-assess their plans for theimmediate future as the restrictions imposed in the UK are gradually eased. The worldhas changed since 2019 and many people have changed their habits and preferences.To help with this planning, you should use four ratios (not more than one from eachcategory) to report on which aspects of the business have been most affected this lastyear. Using this information suggest how the main budget may be used to plan activitiesfor the next year. Explain how Performance management can be used to monitor theplans and guide decision making throughout the next twelve months.With mass vaccinations gradually being rolled out across the globe, your business islooking to develop a new product or service for the post Covid-19 world. Theinvestment proposed is £50 million and should have a lifespan of ten years. You are tosuggest a suitable project, and, using NPV and IRR appraisal methods, show how (if) theinvestment will benefit your company.Required:Suppose you are appointed as the CFO for ONE of the companies listed below [I haveadded links. Osiris seems to be better as it has the up to date 2020 accounts, Fame hasmost only up to 2019] :SSP Group PLC (The Company is a leading operator of branded food and beverageoutlets in travel locations across 29 countries in the United Kingdom, Europe, NorthAmerica, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.) Make sure you find the correct company,there are several with similar names.BP PLC (The Company is an oil and petrochemicals company. The Company exploresfor and produces oil and natural gas, refines, markets, and supplies petroleum products,generates solar energy, and manufactures and markets chemicals.)Ocado Group (The principal activities of the group are the retailing, logistics anddistribution of grocery and consumer goods and the development and monetisation ofintellectual property and technology for the online retailing, logistics and distribution ofthese goods.)Adidas Group (The company designs, develops, produces and markets a broad range ofathletic and sports lifestyle products.)J D Wetherspoon PLC (The principal activities of this company are the development andmanagement of public houses.)You are required to write a report to the senior management team, fully referenced, andaddressing the following:1. Evaluate financial performance: Choose FOUR categories from the list of fivecategories of financial ratios below and use ONE financial ratio from each categoryto assess the financial health of your chosen company using past 5-year financialinformation:1. Profitability2. Efficiency3. Liquidity4. Financial gearing5. InvestmentNote: Analyse your chosen financial ratios using information from financial statements.Considering word limit, please choose ONE financial ratio from FOUR differentcategories listed above; therefore, you should focus on four ratios in total in thispart of analysis. Critical analysis of the four ratios under four categories is required fora good work. Please critically evaluate past five-year firm performance, using yourchosen ratios and discuss the problems and limitations of financial ratios as a tool offinancial analysis before make recommendation to the board of directors. Create yourown small tables, diagrams and charts in your analysis and present professionally.Financial ratios can be collected using Osiris and Fame through ARU library(, annual reports or other professionalresources. Comparison with competitors and industry will be helpful. Suggestedwordcount: 800 – 900 words.2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making a budget for the next year.Explain two different approaches to drawing up a financial plan for the business.Critically evaluate how performance management can be used to make betterdecisions. Suggested wordcount: 750 – 800 words.3. Investment appraisal: You plan to use NPV and IRR techniques to evaluate theproject. Critically discuss NPV and IRR techniques and the implications of theinvestment on the Company. Risk and uncertainty in investment appraisal should beconsidered before you make recommendation. The discount rate is 10% for theCompany (Ignore inflation and taxation). Discuss the best way to finance thisproject.Note: Please present NPV and IRR results using small tables. You need to make thedecision on which investment appraisal format that you will choose. The projectwill be based on your chosen company, therefore, you have the flexibility todecide the project using your ESTIMATE. The investment should be around£50m, but how the money is invested would depend on the nature of theinvestment. Sensitivity analysis will be helpful to analyse different scenarios for theappraisal. Suggested wordcount: 650-750 words.4. Appendix:Supporting information to help the senior management team make their final decision.Present your own tables and do NOT copy and paste annual report in your appendix.1.1.2 Assignment submission guidance1. Please name your assignment submission using your SID number.2. You should attach the Front Sheet before your own work, followed by title pageand content page before the main body of your work.3. You should adhere to the 3,000 word limitation. Any misuse of tables with aims toavoid word limit will be subject to penalty. There is ±10% tolerance on wordlimit, but in worse scenarios of deliberately using tables to avoid word limit couldlead to more penalty. There will be a 10% penalty if the assignment is too short.Please indicate the word count on the Front Sheet.4. Your Module Tutor is available to support you in preparing your report. For oncampus students, feedback sessions will be provided in seminar sessions. For DLstudents, conference session times for you to live chat with your Module Tutorabout the assessment will be posted on the announcement page. As well, you areencouraged to email your Module Tutor with any questions you have at any time.Please also note that you are welcome to submit rough drafts of your work forcomments at any time up until the end of Week 11 (but earlier if possible), whileyour tutor would be able to provide detailed feedback on a single pagesummary of your work. Each student may receive a one-off feedback usingtheir preferred feedback channel.5. The actual word count excludes tables, charts, graphs, formulas, appendices andreference list. In sum, the word count refers only to the narratives from introductionto conclusion. Tables can be used to present numbers and some brief points.6. We treat assessment offences seriously at ARU (more information is available at to an external site.). All the resources must be properly cited in yourassignment. The formatting must follow Harvard Referencing guideline (6thEdition) for both the construction of the reference list and the proper in-text citationformats – pay attention to §3.1 in particular. You can obtain the guide here: to an external site.7. You should provide an extensive list of references comprising a combination of:academic journal articles, textbooks, good quality periodicals such as FT or WSJ orThe Economist, etc. Good quality websites will be helpful, but please refrain fromusing Wikipedia or Investopedia heavily in your work.8. Check your Turnitin access at least one week prior to submission. If you have anyqueries regarding Turnitin submission, please contact our faculty admin teamdirectly via [email protected] More submission guidance will be availableon Turnitin submission point.9. You should use either Arial or Times New Roman 12 font sizes and use doublespacing throughout. Use `justified’ margin whenever possible and centre all graphs,charts, figures, tables, etc. You should create your own small tables, rather thancopying the annual report for example.Front Sheet1. This sheet must be attached in the front of your assignment. Name of Module:MOD007667 Finance for DecisionMakingSID Number:Title of Your Course and Year/Stage:Final Submission Date:Actual word count:Extension Granted to (if any): Checklist before submission1. Have you read, understood and acted in accordance with the referencing guidelinesset out in the Harvard Reference Guide?2. Where you have quoted directly from or where you have paraphrased the work ofothers, have you acknowledged and appropriately referenced the source of yourquotation in the body of the text?3. Have you placed all direct quotations in inverted commas?4. Have you listed and correctly presented all your sources in the reference list?Declaration by the candidate1. I declare that this assignment is my own work (or, in the case of a groupassignment, the work of my group), that it has not been copied from elsewhere andthat any extracts from books, papers or other sources have been properlyacknowledged as references or quotations.2. The work contains no material drawn from unattributed sources.Please tick the box to confirm acceptance of the above declaration.Date ________________________Signature ________________________1.1.3 Marking Criteria for Element 010 – END TERM ASSIGNMENT3000 WORDS SectionContentMarkLearningOutcome SectionContentMarkLearningOutcome1.Introduction· Brief introduction ofthe company that youchoose.· A concise summaryof issues addressed in theessay, your main findingsand the structure of thereport.5%2.Evaluatefinancialperformance· Choose ONEfinancial ratio fromFOUR differentcategories (focus on fourratios in total) in youranalysis of financial ratiosand evaluate ratio analysisas a tool to assess firmperformance.· Discuss your chosenfinancial ratios for past 5years.· Critically evaluatevarious aspects of financialposition and performanceof the Company.· Analyse theproblems and limitations offinancial ratios as a tool offinancial analysis.25% SectionContentMarkLearningOutcome3.Budgetingandperformancemanagement· Discuss theadvantages anddisadvantages of making abudget for the next year.· Explain two differentapproaches to drawing up afinancial plan for thebusiness.· Critically evaluatehow performancemanagement can be used tomake better decisions.25%3.Investmentappraisal· Critical evaluation ofNPV and IRR techniques· Provide samples toillustrate investmentappraisal results using NPVand IRR techniques in yourchosen format· Suggest methods offinancing this project· Briefly discuss riskand uncertainty ininvestment appraisal andmake yourrecommendation.30% SectionContentMarkLearningOutcome5.Conclusion· Clearly presentedconclusions based on thepreceding analysis.· Make suggestionsand recommendationsbased on your judgement.5%6.Referenceandpresentation· Follow HarvardReference guide.· Adequate referencesand properly referencedresources.· Use of journalarticles.· Professionalpresentation.10%TOTALMARKS:100%1,2,3,4


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