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Assignment No 4 Replaces Quiz Marks = 10, DLD Section 2A and 2B Due Date 15th June 2021, No relaxation in due date will be given Assignment should be uploaded on LMS in PDF format only. Q1. You have to design a controller for a split Air conditioner. The Air conditioner can go into 4 states. They are Heat, cold, dry, auto. The controller receives an input from the user and for every input it changes the state in the sequence – Heat -> cold -> dry ->auto -> Heat. Your complete design should include the state diagram, state transition table, and the circuit. Q2. For your overhead water tank you have to make a system that detects the water level in the tank through two sensor. One sensor is located at the top which indicates that the tank is full and the other sensor is located at the bottom which indicates that the tank is empty. Design a state machine that turns on the water motor when the lower sensor gives a 1 and turns it off once the upper sensor gives a 1. However it should not turn it on again before the water level goes below the lower sensor.


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