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10:02< 2021S1-Psych116…0,.1 •Assignment Questions and Classic Psychology Papers 1,,,,,,,==== to engage in risque behaviours li.e.,impmtectedse, 2. DcesparticIpating In Intemttiveviolent videogarnesca.eyoungpeople to.tommore violently In real life, 3. Are children raised In large fame’. any more alike than children bom and raised in any other home? 4. Wh3. some young people watch another young person being beaten or raped and do nothing to 3331 333 victim? 5. Is it r.sibletomliably h lying.. by watching their facial…dons? (,. t=e,h,aralpreezzrapons forprotectbn (I.e., pepperspray, Tasers, handguns, etc…in…1y 7. How has modern social media changed social …Ion? OR Does modem technology stagnate the prychological growth/development or children? OR How do. modem technology influence social persi.i.ion? 9. …would psychologists likely e.lain . nseof violent interrogation t.hniones (i.e., tome, waterboarding, etc…, used against Al Qaeda prisoners by soldi.s? 1°. ===r1hAZcZetfiDoelltn7tPertIrnb:ria’Z’aer ‘ “”Y. “I”‘””‘ c”‘”‘ent H. Are the pre.gaime rituals., athlet.pmake(e.g., hockey andbasebaltplayers,…)nothing more than ,erstitio0 behaviours and self .folfiliMg prophesies? 12. Whyisthedebatemncerningtheinfloenceof birthordemsa …red inteUectnalcapadtyandpersonality becoming less relevant In society. time go. on, 13. Why,roplewho.mtobenonnalandhealthy individualsabuse the ag. and wine.. peoplewIthour4 PreviousESENext Dashboard Calendar To-do Notifications lnbox


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