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10:022021S1-Psych116… INSTRUCTIONS Write an Introductory Paragraph… — Introducing the topic by beginning with a strong Thesis Statement that captures the reader’s interest, — Present an overall question that you intend to answer in your paper, — Tell me or discuss with me why it is an important question to answer, and — Briefly lists the three (3) sub-sections that the paper will discuss — as noted below. 2. Create detailed research paper outline that has three (3) Sub-sections … — Students must introduce the topic of each sub-section — I recommend you put this in the form of a question you will answer, o Use a transition sentence that connects the present sub-section to the overall discussion of the research question, — Provide at least one (1) Academic Peer Reviewed Source (i.e., an academic — peerreviewed — academic journal article source) for each sub-section, o Discuss with me why this is an appropriate reference to use, o Explain how this academic source helps answer the research question, and o Provide a brief summary that explains why the author is a subject matter expert (e.g., the nature of their previous and current research history, their personal credentials, and/or the nature of the academic journal they published in; does the author have any biases or ties to the journal or the subject matter, if so, what arc they?).Provide a very brief Conclusion — This is a one or two sentence conclusion summarizing why this information is important to know and understand.Practical Interpersonal Application – Describe how the topic informs your world view and/or career path in a maximum of 1 page 5. Provide a Reference page… — List all academic sources used in the correct APA format by alphabetical order by surname as prescribed by the APA (7th Ed.) Publishing Manual. All statements in your assignment must be backed up by research, except for the practical interpersonal application Due Date: Your paper is due between ,lone 19 no later than 1 J,C9pm, • NO late papers… will be accepted after the due date/time… Remember: you are required to submit your assignment electronically to the CANVAS Drop Box • Electronic copy to your instructor on CANVAS — Assignment Drop Box, which will automatically submit an electronic copy to


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