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Assignment Complete a case study by continuing your research on the media/tech company your team chose. The project should be 1) well researched; 2) well written; and 3) convincing. The document you submit should be of sufficient quality that it could be presented to the management team of the company you are studying and published. While assignment one had you answer key questions on Netflix’s performance that revealed major takeaways and lessons learned that can be applied by future media managers, this time you will come up with the questions that need to be answered. While assignment one provided you with the necessary evidence to answer the questions, this time you will conduct your own original research and find your own original evidence to answer your questions. Finally, much like assignment two, you will also be required to use the models, frameworks, and typologies discussed in class to strategically analyze your company’s performance, and based on your analysis create an action plan for how the company should move forward. Once your case study is prepared, you will create a brief persuasive PowerPoint presentation that “pitches” your research to company leadership (i.e., your instructor).  Requirements Your final product should be a multi-section report that follows the scientific method. Accordingly, your report will have the following sections: 1) Introduction = Current state of your company, and the problem you are attempting to address. 2) Literature Review = History of your company. 3) Research Questions (*no hypotheses) = 2 original unanswered questions about your company that you will research the answers to. If you are in a group of three, 3 questions are required. 4) Methods section = Explanation of the strategic analysis techniques you will be using. 5) Findings = Actually conducting a strategic analysis of your company using techniques learned in this class. 6) Discussion = As a result of what you discovered, how should the company move forward (action plan)? 7) Conclusion = An executive summary for the busy CEO who many not have time to read the full repo


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