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Name: Title of Presentation: Title of Article (include name of publication and publishing date): Part A: Provide a summary of the article you have chosen by identifying the purpose and what real-world problem it is addressing/trying to solve. (Bulleted format is acceptable). Explain what category(s) of descriptive statistics is used in the study and how it is used to communicate the information found in the study and/or any conclusions/solutions posed (1–2 paragraphs). Explain how the article applies to the real world, your major, your current job, or your future career goal (1–2 paragraphs). What solutions do you recommend based on analysis of data and conclusions drawn? Part B: An additional part of the application process requires you to create a presentation based on the information provided above. To do so, choose an audience (outside of the field of mathematics) that could benefit from the information you will present: Create one visualization of the data appropriate for the conference audience (1 slide). Note: If the article already contains a visual, you must create a different type of graph or chart. Explain how the audience can benefit from the data (1 slide). Recommend your identified solutions using language appropriate for the audience. In the notes section of your final slide, answer the following questions in 1–2 paragraphs: Explain why you chose the audience you identified above. Describe how the language, purpose, and visuals used in the presentation are appropriate for the audience.


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