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Instructions: Please complete your answers in this document only and do not delete any information provided in this document. ​Please make your submissions at the earliest to avoid any re-assessment charges as ‘Not yet Competent’ will be recorded for submissions not received by this date. Please note that it is important for you to maintain your course progress at all times. Please follow the steps below when submitting the assessment. As usual complete the cover sheets and student section in the editable assessment with your personal information such as name, student ID, contact details etc. Refer Assessment fillable sheet instructions for more details.Complete the other projects using MS Word (BSBHRM602 Template) and MS Excel / MS PowerPoint ( depending on the task)  Number all the tasks accurately by mentioning assessment 1, Part A or B……..Proofread the documents to avoid any mistakes.Use a cover page or Header/footer options to enter your Name and Student IDAttach all the documents to one email.Clearly mention the Unit name and your Student ID in the subject lineEmail to [email protected] and CC to [email protected] Note: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Also note the due date for submission as mentioned in your training plan ASSESSMENT 1 Briefly describe the following human resource functions in no more than 100 words each:Recruitment and Selection Creating human resources and recruitment strategy Training and Development Professional Development Benefits and Compensation Ensuring Legal Compliance State four examples of human resource best practices an organisation may employ . Your responses should not exceed 100 words in total Identify and briefly describe at least five legislative acts relevant to human resources management. Respond in no more than 300 words in total Identify and briefly describe the requirements under the Fair Work Regulations 2009 for a business, in about 200 words Briefly describe the National Employment Standards (NES), in no more than 100 words In the table below, Describe each method of sourcing labour, in no more than 100 word each: MethodDescriptionInternal recruitmentExternal recruitmentCasual labor hireNew graduates or traineesOffshore workersOutsourcingContractors and consultants Complete the table below with at least two Advantages and two disadvantages for each option for sourcing labour Option for sources of labourAdvantageDisadvantageExternal provision by a consultant or contractorOutsourcing the work to an external service providerAllocating the work to existing staff Briefly explain the impacts of technology on job roles in any four areas. Respond in no more than 100 words in total Briefly describe a strategic plan and its Key requirements. Respond in no more than 200 words in total. Assessment 2 Read the case study (page 31- 40 of your assessment tool) and develop a report, your report should include: Report inclusions: Analysis of the strategic plans and information about AWS provided to you in the scenario to determine human resource strategic direction, objectives, and targets. Environmental analysis to identify at least three emerging HR practices and trends that may impact on AWS’s HR strategy Future labour needs, skill requirements and options for sourcing labour supply (at least two of each) , based on the environmental analysis New technology that can be used and its impact on job roles and job design at AWS (at least two) Recent and potential changes to industrial and legal requirements that may impact on AWS (at least one) References Assessment 3 Part B: Based on the information in the scenario in Assessment 3 Part B (page 49 of your tool), as well as your report you have prepared in Assessment 2, identify Strategic goals, objectives and targets – at least three goals required Note your goals, objectives and targets should be in the following format (one example has been provided for your reference) Example Goal #: Provide development programs to help staff and managers accomplish their goalsObjectivesTargetsYear 1Year 2Increase the % of employees who accomplish their development targets annually.80%100%Increase the % of employees who indicate satisfaction or high satisfaction with their development opportunities as measured by annual employee survey70%90% Goal 1:ObjectivesTargetsYear 1Year 2Goal 2:ObjectivesTargetsYear 1Year 2Goal 3:ObjectivesTargetsYear 1Year 2 Part C Read information in the scenario in Assessment 3 Part C (page 52 of your tool), as well as Appendix A readings, complete Appendix B Appendix B: Cost-benefit Analysis Matrix OptionTypes of costsPotential Returns and BenefitsAnalysis of Cost/BenefitFeasibility (Yes/ No/ Maybe)Hiring employeesEngaging services of a consultant or contractor Part D Read information in the scenario in Assessment 3 Part D (page 54 of your tool), and do your research on HR software solution, Three types of HR software solution and develop a report including all the points below , in no more than 500 words: What is HR software solution? (40-50 words) What are the three types of HR software solutions? Which type of solution best suitable for AWS’ situation? Provide three reasons why AWS should explore the option of purchasing an HRIS? Part E The research report you prepared in Assessment 2, outlining the identified human resources strategic direction; objectives and targets for AWS and the detailed research you have conducted in Assessment 3 Parts A- D will help you develop and document the human resource strategic plan – (Refer page 56,57 of assessment tool for more information) Appendix C: Human Resources Strategic Plan Template AWS Human Resources Strategic Plan Introduction to the operating context of AWS (Situation analysis, internal analysis, organizational mission, vision and objectives, HR preferences, philosophies, and values.) Research findings (Emerging HR practices and trends, future demands, options for sources labour, regulatory, industrial, and legal requirements that may impact on AWS.) Strategic direction for human resources (Strategic goals, objectives and targets for human resources, recruitment strategy, new technology.) Implementation plan- Appendix D Budget- Appendix E Risk Management Plan – Appendix F( Page 57 Q2) References Appendix D: Implementation Plan Template AWS – HR Strategy Implementation PlanObjectivePerformance IndicatorImplementation Strategy/ ActionResource RequirementsResponsibilityStart dateEnd DateMonitoring ActivitiesIncrease the % of employees who accomplish their development targets annually.Increased participation ratesPositive participant satisfaction surveysAll staff to be asked to prepare annual training and development plans with their line managers.Staff to be support monetarily to participate in planned personal and professional developmental activities.Develop Annual PD Planner templateFinancial resources for annual PD fund for staff training.Line managersFinance Manager HR managerOctober 202XOctober 202XOctober 202YOctober 202YHalf-yearly PD completion reportsQuarterly expense statements Appendix E: Budget Template-Identify costs based on topics for training, number of sessions and number of participants AWS Staff Training Programs Budget for 2020-21Training ProgramIn-house/ ExternalNo. of SessionsParticipantsVenueDuration of sessionTraining Cost/ Participant /SessionAnother costs/ ParticipantCost/ BatchTOTAL COSTPD – How to use the MoodleIn-house2 sessions30 (Managers and trainers)Online4 hours$50$20PD – Conducting effective online training sessionsExternal2 sessions20 trainersTBA5 Hours$200$30PD- Conducting Online AssessmentExternal2 sessions20 trainersTBA5 Hours$200$30Dealing with conflictExternal1 session30 (Managers and trainers)Online5 Hours$200$30Management TeambuildingExternal2 sessions8 Senior ManagersTBA5 hours$200$50Working remotely – challenges and opportunitiesExternal2 sessions30 (Managers and trainers)Online4 hours$90$20Performance Management TrainingExternal2 sessions8 ManagersTBA5 hours$200$50Total Cost = Appendix F: Risk Management Plan Template Risk management Plan How to use this Risk Management Form:Risk Description – Describe risk as “Something might occur that will lead to consequences (positive or negative)” Consequences – “Consequences are the outcomes of events that have an effect on objectives”Risk Control – ‘A process, policy, or practice which will reduce the likelihood of risk or which can be used as a corrective action in the event of risk occurring’.Risk Rating –Likelihood – Based on effectiveness of control/ contingency measure, rate likelihood of risk from 1 – 4 as follows:1 – highly unlikely; 2 – unlikely; 3 – likely; 4 – highly likelyImpact – Rate the level of impact each risk may have on your business, using the following scale:1 – low; 2 – medium; 3 – highMultiply likelihood and Impact ratings to identify risk rating as follows:Likelihood (L) x Impact (I) = Risk rating (R)Activity/Area/IssueOne WHS, one legal and one Technological riskAssessed byDate of Assessment: Risk DescriptionConsequencesRisk AssessmentRisk ControlPerson ResponsibleLikelihoodImpactRisk RatingStaff member complaining about discrimination in allocation of Flexible work arrangementsLow staff morale Risk of legal action326Develop a Flexible Work policy explaining that flexible working requests will be considered, on their own merit and provided that the needs of the business are met Develop an anti-discrimination policy, which includes flexible work arrangements in its scope and ensure that staff understand itHR ManagerWHS riskTechnology related RiskLegal risk Email: Draft an email to CEO conveying your plan details and seeking suggestions and approval- refer Q3 page 57 of your assessment tool) Assessment 4 Part A Read scenario information on page 62 of your assessment tool and Prepare Power point presentation of the key points of HR strategic plan, implementation and risk management plan, to present to the management team at AWS Submit PPT slides Part B Read scenario information on page 66-67 of your assessment tool and Draft an email to CEO reporting the performance details, research and finalise 6 training/support activities which will support the staff in working effectively from home managing time and tasks efficiently, improving productivity and maintaining a work life balance – refer Q1 page 67 of your assessment tool) You must include the following in the email The details of the surveyAt least two possible reasons for resultsThe conclusions and insights that can be gathered from the staff resultsYour recommendations for 6 training/support activities and staff social activities, to help them achieve the desired HR performance outcomes. Email: Appendix G: Flexible Work Team Integration Activity Plan Template- Assume CEO has accepted your recommendations and asked you to research and plan opportunities for the flexible team to integrate with other aspects of organisation – Refer Q2 Page 67 of your assessment tool) and complete Appendix G identifying at least 4 activities.Follow the format (one example has been provided for reference) Flexible Work Team Integration Activity PlanStrategy for team integrationType of activity (Individual/Team)PurposeFrequency of activityTelephone check-inTeamEnsure that staff is aware of their responsibilities and work plan, and to discuss any issues.Daily Part C: Read scenario information on page 70-72 of your assessment tool and develop lessons learnt report, in no more than 400 words. You must include: A brief description of the strategic Hr plan and its expected outcomes An assessment of whether the outcomes of the plan were met, or not really met At least four aspects of the strategic HR plan that worked well At least four aspects of the strategic Hr plan that could be improved in future strategic HR plans


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