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IMPORTANT NOTES: PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR EXAMPLE WEBSITE LAYOUT FROM LINK BELOW: https://assessment2example.weebly.com/ Please aim this activity towards Secondary School Students to have ease of understanding, usage and information. Make the topic on Cyberbullying in detail. Can you please also prepare me a PowerPoint and video script writing to do a video on.  EDC105-Teaching and Learning in the Digital World Unit Website (50%) Part A: Website For this assessment you will create a website that is set up in the style of a Learning Management System. This Learning Management System website will focus on the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT within the modern complexities of the digital world. Choose either upper primary or lower secondary students as your target audience. Your website must include the following components: A self-created educational video introducing the topic and no more than 3 minutes in length.A maximum of 4 curated resources on the topic.A learning activity based on the video and resources.A 5 -10 question multiple choice test to assess knowledge from the activity. Part B: Reflection Write a 300-500 word reflection on how you have accessed professional learning to assist you to utilise the tools you have deployed in your website. How your engagement with your peers, tutors and others has helped to shape the final website design and content. Then identify areas that this assessment has helped you identify for future professional development as you progress through your course and in to work.


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