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INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY NEPAL BTEC HND in Research Project Unit 11: Research Project Unit Code: R/508/0522 Session/Year: December 2019 Assessment No: 01 Assignment Launch Date: 4th February 2020 Assignment Title: Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Teacher Name: Anup Bhurtel Iv’s Name & Date : Dhruba Babu Joshi Student Name: Pearson Reg No: Final Grade: SubmissionDue DateProject Proposal Submission7th May 2020Ethics Form3rd June 2020Final Report SubmissionOctober 2020(Final report submission date may change) Purpose of this assignment The purpose of this assignment is to engage students conduct a research in a specific field of study. This assignment allows students to demonstrate their capacity and ability to identify a research topic, to develop research aims, objectives and outcomes, and to present the outcomes of such research in both written and verbal formats. This also encourages students to reflect on their engagement in the research process, during which recommendations for future and personal development are key learning points. Students have to choose their own research project based on a theme provided i.e. Equality and Diversity in the Workplace. The project must be related to their specialist pathway of study. This will enable students to explore and examine a relevant and current topical aspect of business in the context of their chosen specialist pathway. Assignment submission format Each student has to submit their assignment as guided in the assignment brief. The students are guided what sort of information is to produce to meet the criteria targeted. Some tasks might require group work, but the student has to produce individual assignment. The course Tutor will Make sure that project briefs for this unit is be based on a proposal defined by the student.Agree and sign off in the research proposal that each student is embarking on their project. If this requires extra time to agree, this could be addressed through the student’s tutorial time.Make sure that the proposal developed by students meets the criteria (given below). This will form the basis of their project and must be related to their specific pathway, unless the student is on the general pathway.Monitor whether all students complete the research project in order to complete their work for this unit.Guides students on how to go about planning, researching, conducting, recording and reflecting on the research project.Be advisable to direct students to appropriate research sources and advise on qualitative and quantitative methods.Will ask students to reflect on the success of their research project and their performance at the end of the project, with the inclusion of a project evaluation and recommendations. Scenario I You are employed as a Junior Project Manager under Research and Development department of an organization (You can imagine or you can choose an established organization of your own choice). Your Head of Department has asked you to undertake a research on the theme “Equality and Diversity in the Workplace”. In this research work you are expected to show your ability to complete a business research project engaging yourself in a specific field. Your work must demonstrate that you have the ability to identify a research topic, to develop research aims and objectives and outcomes and to present the research outcomes to senior management team both verbally (as a formal presentation) and in written form. Learning outcomes covered LO1. Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process. LO2. Conduct and analyze research relevant to a business research project. LO3. Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders. LO4. Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts. In order to successfully complete a business research project you have to complete the following tasks as guided. Part one – Produce a research proposal Define your research objectives, problem, questions or hypothesis.Provide a literature review giving the background and conceptualization of your proposed area of study. This would provide significance of a research project in the context of existing knowledge and benchmarks by which your data can be judged.Define and identify your research methodology and research process. Make a justification for choice of research approaches and methodologies applied based on theoretical frameworks.Demonstrate understanding of the pitfalls and limitations of the methods and approaches chosen and ethical issues that might arise during your research.Present your overall timeframe of your research work using Gantt chart. Part two – Carry out the research and prepare a research report Conduct your research as outlined in your proposal. Keep track of your findings as you work.Carry out your research with appropriate analytical tools and analyse your findings and data in relation to your original research question. Draw conclusions and recommendations for further improvement. Part three – Make a PowerPoint presentation Communicate the research outcomes of your research project to the identified audience. Also provide logic on how the outcomes meet the set research objectives giving appropriate justification and recommendations. Part four: A written reflection on the success of the research Prepare a written document that reflects on the success of your research project and your performance at the end of the project with the inclusion of a project evaluation, conclusions and recommendations to meet the business research objectives. Milestones and interim feedback to be used by the teacher Each student must get approval from the teacher when they have Research topic and aims/objectives are agreedCompleted the research proposalDeveloped ethical formProduced a first draft of findings and analysisCompleted all primary as well as secondary research. At each milestone, the tutor liaises with the student to check whether it has been achieved. They may need to redirect the student if necessary. Guidance for Students You should read this information before starting to define and work through your research brief. You should refer to these instructions as you complete work for this unit. Consider the development of a methodical and valid research proposal as the foundation for the research project.Choose a topic based on the theme released by Pearson Edexcel and also make sure of personal interest in a specialism. The topic chosen should allow a sufficient and suitable degree of research through the existence of adequate background materials.A good research project proposal title should meet the following criteria: The proposal is one that has an existing body of literature or source material that can be reviewed.The proposal extends a current line of learning that will lend itself to further rigorous exploration.Decide on appropriate research methods and select an appropriate sample. Ensure that your proposal is ethical, reliable and valid. An ethical form must be submitted prior to completion of research as part of the research proposal.Make your research proposal approved with your tutor before beginning your research.Conduct your research as outlined in the proposal agreed with your tutor.Carry out your research, analyze your research findings and draw conclusions. Apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods to evaluate data collected from primary research.Communicate your research outcomes in a manner appropriate to your audience.You will be asked to reflect on the success of your research project and evaluate the problems/issues encountered.On the following pages, there is an example of a research project brief.You must complete the research project in order to complete your work for this unit. Research Proposal Student name Centre name Tutor Unit Research Topic: Section One: Title, objective, responsibilities Title or working title of research project Research project aims and objectives Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research project Reasons for choosing the project (e.g. links to other subjects you are studying, personal interest, future plans, and knowledge/skills you want to improve, why the topic is important): Section Three: Literature Review sources Use of key literature sources to support your research question, objective or hypothesis: Section Four: Activities and timeframe (milestones and targeted date) Activities to be carried out during the research project (e.g. research, development, analysis of ideas, writing, data collection, numerical analysis, tutor meetings, production of final outcome, evaluation, writing the report) and likely durations. Section Five: Research approach and methodologies Type of research approach and methodologies you are likely to use and reasons for your choice: What your areas of research will cover: Comments and agreement from tutor Comments (optional): I confirm that the project is not work which has been or will be submitted for another qualification and is appropriate. Agreed: ……………………………………… (Name)…………………………………………… (Date)…………………… PassMeritDistinctionLO1: Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process.P1 Produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis supported by a literature review. P2 Examine appropriate research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research.M1 Evaluate different research approaches and methodology and make justifications for the choice of methods selected based on philosophical/theoretical frameworks.LO1 & 2 D1 Critically evaluate research methodologies and processes in application to a business research project to justify chosen research methods and analysis.LO2: Conduct and analyse research relevant for a business research project.P3Conduct primary and secondary research using appropriate methods for a business research project that consider costs, access and ethical issues. P4 Apply appropriate analytical tools, analyse research findings and data.M2 Discuss merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection and analysis.LO3: Communicate the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders.P5 Communicate research outcomes in an appropriate manner for the intended audience.M3 Coherently and logically communicate outcomes to the intended audience demonstrating how outcomes meet set research objectives.D2 Communicate critical analysis of the outcomes and make valid, justified recommendations.LO4: Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts.P6Reflect on the effectiveness of research methods applied for meeting objectives of the business research project.P7 Consider alternative research methodologies and lessons learnt in view of the outcomes.M4 Provide critical reflection and insight that result in recommended actions for improvements and future research considerations.D3 Demonstrate reflection and engagement in the resource process leading to recommended actions for future improvement. Mention all the grades awarded in this assignments: Note: Please access HN Global for additional resources support and reading for this unit. For further guidance and support on report writing please refer to the Study Skills Unit on HN Global. Link to www.highernationals.com Other Recommendations: It should be the student’s own work – plagiarism is unacceptable.Clarity of expression and structure are important features.Your work should be submitted as a well presented, word-processed document with headers and footers, and headings and subheadings, both in hard and soft copies.You are expected to undertake research on this subject using books from the Library, and resources available on the Internet.Any sources of information should be listed as references at the end of your document and these sources should be referenced within the text of your document using Harvard referencing styleYour report should be illustrated with screen-prints, images, tables, charts and/or graphics.All assignments must be typed in Times New Roman, size 12, 1½ spacing. I declare that all the work submitted for this assignment is my own work or, in the case of group work, the work of myself and the other members of the group in which I worked, and that no part of it has been copied from any source. I understand that if any part of the work submitted for this assignment is found to be plagiarized, none of the work submitted will be allowed to count towards the assessment of the assignment. Assignment Prepared: Sushma RanjitSignature:Date:Brief Checked By: Dhruba Babu JoshiSignature:Date:


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