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Objectives The purpose of this project is to evaluate the student’s ability to analyze security requirements and develop a security policy that fully addresses them. The student will also gain practical knowledge of the security policy documentation process. The project will enable the student to see and understand the required standards in practice, as well as the details that should be covered within the security policy documentation Security Policy Paper Temp.doc. Project Deliverable  1.Using the WDI Case Study, develop a Security Policy which addresses the needs and requirements in the case study. 2.Provide an analysis summarizing the security policy to share with the executive management team of WDI. The summary should effectively describe the security policy in a manner that will allow the Senior Management to understand the organizational security requirements and make the appropriate decisions to enforce. Project Description The project is to write a company Security Policy Document for a fictitious company called Western Distribution, Inc. (WDI). A Security Policy Document is an absolutely essential item for any organization that is subjected to a security audit. Lack of such a document will result in an automatic failed audit. A Security Policy Document within an organization provides a high-level description of the various security controls the organization will use to protect its information and assets. A typical Security Policy Document contains a large set of specific policies and can run several hundred pages. However, for this project, you will write a brief document and develop a policy document which addresses the most critical needs for the organization. Therefore, you must carefully consider and select only the most important policies from hundreds of possible specific policies. A brief description of the WDI Company is given below. You will work individually on this project. You may collaborate with your classmates to share ideas and activities in preparation of the final project deliverable. However, you will be graded for your individual effort and deliverables, and you will submit the project as an individual assignment. You will treat this project deliverable as if you would deliver it to your own customer or client who will be paying you for the deliverables.  Suggested Approach These are only recommendations on the general approach you might take for this project. This is your project to develop individually. 1. Determine the most important assets of the company, which must be protected 2. Determine a general security architecture for the company 3. Determine the real-time security measures that must be put in place 4. Determine the monitoring and preventative measures that must be put in place 5. Develop a list of 15 to 20 specific aspects that could be applied along with details and rationale for each policy 6. Integrate and write up the final version of the Security Policy Document for submittal The WDI company description is deliberately brief. In all real life projects, you typically add complexity as you become smarter as you go along. State the assumptions/rationale you make to justify the selection of the particular security policies you select. Please be sure to describe and include any assumptions that you make as you develop this policy.


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