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7:11 AM0 online.uwl.ac.uk0 63%•(1)I E X Leadership for Public Healt… IEDAnnouncementsEvaluating and sharing information and evidenceMost of the DPH report is made up of pages of information and evidnece about the health issues in the local area that the DPH works for and what is causing the health problems.The DPH is sharing and communicating information to residenst (local people) but also to partner and other organisations e.g. policy, social services, leaisure, charities and voluntary organisations, businesses and to local politicians.First, for this one don’t quote just briefly discuss mention kinds of information/evidence is presented andthe page numbers.Second, discuss, analyse and evaluate why vision is important for a leader, especially a public health leader to have.Third (optional), based on your reading of the whole report what information/evidence would you have liked to see in the report that a good leader would have provided.


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