Steps to follow to manage this assessment1. Research the required information FOR THE CASE STUDY – HEAVENLY CHOCOLATES to complete the sections of the report as outlined below. Follow the rubric at the end of this document as a guide to your headings. Use a numbering system for headings and subheadings.2. Write a research proposal addressing the followinga. A research problem statement and objectivesb. Create Management questions (or Research questions or investigative questions) aimed to resolve or provide information aligned with the case study objectivesc. State the sources of secondary data you would access to begin this research; why?d. State the method of primary research method you would use; why?e. Provide suggestions about how the information gained will be used to address the problem3. Format your assessment submission as detailed belowa. Executive Summary – It is advisable to write this the last as it is a synopsis of the main findings of the report including the conclusion and recommendations. It is not included in the word count; however should not be longer than 150 words or 3 quarters of a page.b. Table of Contents – Should outline all headings, subheadings and the corresponding page numbers. It is not included in word count.c. Introduction to the report – It’s advisable to write this last as it overviews each of the areas included in the report. Use future tense in your language, e.g. “This report will…” Remember it should not include the conclusion. The purpose is to introduce the report elements and structure.d. Management decision to be made – A research problem statement in context of this case studye. Main Research Objectives – List the objectives that will enable the management team to make the decision and also address the objectives outlined in the case study.f. Sources of Data (secondary) – List the sources of data / information to be considered to identify the problem. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these sources of data in context of this case study.g. Primary data collection method – List the methods of data collection and justify why you have chosen the said method of data collection. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these methods of the data collection i


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