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Group assignment instruction – HI5004 Marketing Management Assessment Details and Submission GuidelinesTrimesterT1.2020Unit CodeHI5004Unit TitleMarketing ManagementAssessment TypeGroup reportAssessment TitleGroup assignment – Semester-Long Marketing Plan ProjectPurpose of theassessment (with ULOMapping)This assignment requires your group to undertake the process of analysing one product/service and its operating environments from a marketingperspective. And then apply the learning from lecture 1-11 in the development of marketing strategy. You will provide an overview of thisproduct/service, as well as detail the type of orientation towards marketing it takes. You are also required to examine and analyse the context andenvironments in which this product/service operates (its industry and the macro-environmental forces impacting on the industry).Weight40 % of the total assessments:– Report 1: 20%– Report 2: 20%Total Marks40 marks:– Report 1: 20 marks– Report 2: 20 marksWord limit– Report 1: 1500 words– Report 2: 2500 wordsDue Date– Report 1: 5pm Friday Week 6– Report 2: 5pm Friday Week 11SubmissionGuidelines• All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.• The assignment must be in MS Word format, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriatesection headings and page numbers.• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style. 2Semester-Long Marketing Plan Project (40%=40 marks)An effective way to help students learn about marketing management is through the actual creation of a marketing plan for a product or service. Thisproject is designed to accomplish such a task.Students will self-enrol in a group of 4(FOUR) (you can’t change the group by any reason) the instruction how to find your group members have beensent to you, please have a look and read it carefully before you make the decision to select the group that you want to join in.Due date: Students need to self- enrol in a group NO LATER THAN 24th April, 2020.Each group decides on a consumer product or service they wish to bring to market. It has to be an innovative product/service which has never been inthe market before. You can discuss with your tutor about the product/service that you want to select.50% penalty (for each report and presentation) will be applied if students do not follow one of these requirements:File Exchange tool:– All the academic papers that are used in the assignment need to be posted on BB by using File Exchange tool (Instruction in page 6, for furtherquestion, please advise your lecturer). Student needs to highlight the discussion in the academic paper which is relevant to the discussion in theassignment. Academic papers can be found in ProQuest (ProQuest instruction can be found in page 8 and 9). 50% penalty will be applied if doesnot include references list– Group needs to submit the Draft for their assignment by using File Exchange tool one week before the due date of final submission. The draftneeds to be different from the last submission and reflect the changes.– If each member does a part of the assignment, their work needs to be submitted by using File Exchange also.Group Blog:– All the discussion about group assignment needs to be recorded by using Group Blog tool (Instruction in page 6, for further question, please adviseyour tutor). The discussion must be relevant to the content of the assignment and reflects the outcome of the group meeting.If one of the requirements above is not followed, 50% penalty (for each report and presentation) will be applied3The following is an outline of this process: WeekTopicsRequirementNote1Marketing for the New Realities2Marketing Strategies and PlansGroups need to be set up and informed to the lecturers3Marketing ResearchGroups need to be set up and informed to the lecturers4Consumer behaviourGroups need to be set up and informed to the lecturers5Identifying Market Segments and TargetsGroups need to be set up and informed to the lecturers.Lecturer will set upgroup shells on BB inweek 5.6Brand Positioning and Brand EquityThe first task: the first reportWeight: 20% = 20 marks.Word count: 1500 words (+/- 10%) for the reportDue date: 5pm Friday Week 6 for the report.Requirement:For the report: Students need to provide all of these information below:Identify product or service they want to select. It has to be new product/service.– Competitive information– Environmental scanning.– Demand forecasted 4 – Specific market segmentation, targeting, and positioning statements– 5 academic references need to be used7Product strategy8Pricing strategies and programs9Integrated marketing channels anddistribution system10Integrated Marketing Communications –Part 1Designing and managing integratedmarketing communication11Integrated Marketing Communications –Part 2Managing Mass CommunicationsThe Second task: Second reportWeight: 20% = 20 marks.Word count: 2500 words (+/- 10%) for the reportDue date: 5pm Friday Week 11 for the report.Requirement:The report analysis:– Product or service’s brand positioning– Who are the market leaders for their chosen product or service? What nichehave they identified for their product/service? Is their product or service going to bea leader, follower, or challenger to well-established products or brands?– Consumer-adoption process for their new product. How will the consumerlearn about their new product and how quickly will they adopt it? Will the product be– 5 targeted to the heavy users and early adopters first, then early and late majorities?What is their estimated time for full adoption?– Pricing strategy decisions for their product/service. Students have addressedall or most of the material concerning pricing covered in week 8.– Students should be directed to turn in their retailing, wholesaling, andlogistical marketing plans. Those students who are acting in the role of providing anew “service” should include here their plans for locations, hours of operations, andhow their “service” plans on managing demand and capacity issues.– The integrated marketing communications matrix.– All the possible communication media (for example, students will tend toconcentrate their media on television or on the Internet and include other forms suchas personal selling and radio).– 5 academic references need to be used12Revision 6How to do group assignment – InstructionGroup toolsYour instructor chooses which communication and collaboration tools are available to your group. If you want to use a tool but don’t find on your group’spage, ask your instructor to enable it. ToolDescriptionFile ExchangeGroup members and instructors can share files in this area. All members can add and delete files, regardless of who addedthem.Group BlogIn the group area, all members of a group can create entries for the same blog and build on each entry. All course members canread and comment on a group blog, but they can’t make posts unless they are members of the group. Instructors can choose tograde group blogs. All group members receive the same grade.Group JournalIn the group area, all members of a group can view each other’s entries. Only group members and instructors can view a groupjournal. Instructors can choose to grade group journals. All group members receive the same grade.Send EmailGroup members can email individual members or the entire group. Exchange files with a groupWith file exchange, you can share files with other members of your group, including your instructor.You can’t create folders in file exchange. With your group, decide how you want to name files so that they are easier to locate in a long list.7Add a file to the file exchangeGroup Tools > File Exchange > Add FileAdd a name for the file you want to upload. Browse for the file and submit.Delete a file from the file exchangeYou can delete any file, even if you didn’t upload it. On the File Exchange page, select Delete in the file’s menu.Group BlogAll the group members can discuss about the assignment by using Group Blog. Once you are allocated in a group, you can see this function.Group > Group Tools > Group Blog > Create Blog EntryProQuestTo loginGo to: http://www.holmes.edu.au/ > Login > ProquestUSERNAME: holmes2004PASSWORD: holmesProquest Tips8Quotation marks(“”) placed aroundthe search terms willensure only resultsshowing the termstogether will bedisplayedTick the “Full text” and“Peer Reviewed” boxesto display results withthe PDFs attached andthat are from reputablesources9Want to save yoursearch to viewlater? Click the“Save Search”link, which willthen lead to apop-up screen.Name your search,perhaps after yourAssignmentTopic. You mightalso add a note togive furtherinformation aboutthe search.10First Group Report Rubric Evaluation CriteriaFailPassCreditDistinctionHigh DistinctionIntroduction about product/service2 marks00.5-11.25-1.51.5-1.751.75-2Introduction about product/serviceNo informationaboutproduct/serviceLimited informationaboutproduct/serviceSome informationaboutproduct/serviceClear introductionabout product/serviceClear explanationabout the motivesbehind developingyour ownproduct/serviceClear introductionabout product/serviceAnalysis of requirement 14 marksFail0-1Pass1.5-2Credit2-2.5Distinction3-3.5High Distinction3.75-4Competitive informationNo informationabout competitorsLimited informationabout competitorsSome informationabout competitorsClear explanation anddiscussion aboutcompetitorsClear discussion aboutdirect and indirectcompetitors. Alsoprovide somediscussion aboutcompetitive theory 11 Analysis of requirement 24 marksFail0-1Pass1.5-2Credit2-2.5Distinction3-3.5High Distinction3.75-4Environmental scanningNo informationaboutenvironmentalscanning(PESTEL orSWOT)Limited informationaboutenvironmentalscanning (PESTELor SWOT)Provide somediscussion aboutPESTEL analysis orSWOTProvide full discussionabout PESTELanalysis or SWOT.Provide full discussionabout PESTELanalysis or SWOT.Provide somestrategies that help thecompany deal withThreats andWeaknesses andnegative impacts fromexternal environmentAnalysis of requirement 32 marksFail0-0.5Pass0.5-1Credit1-1.25Distinction1.25-1.5High Distinction1.5-2Demand forecastedNo informationabout demandforecastedLimited informationaboutdemand forecastedProvide somediscussion aboutdemand forecasted:some models ofdemand forecastedare provided butcould not link themwith theproduct/serviceselectedProvide clearexplanation aboutdemand forecasted.Provide some dataabout consumptiontrendProvide reasonablereasons whycustomers areinterested in theproduct/service.Provide consumptiontrends to predict thefuture demand for theproduct/service of theirchoice 12 Analysis of requirement 45.5 marksFail0-1.75Pass1.75-2.75Credit3-3.5Distinction4-4.5High Distinction5-5.5Specific market segmentation,targeting, and positioning statementsNo informationabout marketsegmentation,targeting, andpositioningstatementsLimited informationabout marketsegmentation,targeting, andpositioningstatements. Forexample: onlyprovide the marketsegmentationtheory rather thanfocusing on theirproduct/service’starget customer.Provide marketsegmentation,targeting, andpositioningstatements.However, don’tprovide theevidence for theirchoiceProvide marketsegmentation,targeting, andpositioning statementswith clear explanationfor their choiceProvide marketsegmentation,targeting, andpositioning statements.Provide clearexplanation and thelink between theoriesand their choiceStyle and referencing2 marksFail0-0.5Pass0.5-1Credit1.25Distinction1.5-1.75High Distinction2Professional Report Formatting,Structure and approachPoorly presented,no apparentstructure and/orconfused writingstyleLimited attempt atformatting, Wellstructured, clearwriting stylePage numbering,front cover,bibliography withsome attempt atformatting. Wellstructured, focusGood attempt at reportformattingincorporating allelements at creditslevel. Clear focus,structure and styleExcellent attempt atformatting report.Focus clear andjustified, structure andstyle used to 13 explicit and clear,style appropriateused to emphasisediscussionemphasise argumentand discussionReferencing: appropriate referencesand citations, styleReferencing isunclear.At least 3 relevantreferences.Referencing mostlyclear butinconsistent.At least 5 relevantreferences given,mainly drawn fromprovided sourcese.g lectures. Clearsystematicreferencing of allsources..At least 7 relevantreferences including atleast 5 from ownresearch includingpage no’s for allarticlesBibliography includesat least 10 relevantreferences from goodsources i.e. journalsrather than popularcomputing press. Veryclearly presented.Total (out of 20) 14Second Group Report Rubric Evaluation CriteriaFailPassCreditDistinctionHigh DistinctionAnalysis ofrequirement 11 mark00.250.50.751Product or service’sbrand positioningNo information aboutbrand positioningLimited informationabout brandpositioningSome informationabout brandpositioningClear explanation anddiscussion about brandpositioningClear discussion aboutbrand positioningAlso provide somediscussion brandpositioningtheoryAnalysis ofrequirement 22 marksFail0Pass0.5Credit1Distinction1.5High Distinction1.75-2Who are the marketleaders for their chosenproduct or service? Whatniche have they identifiedfor their product/service?Is their product or servicegoing to be a leader,follower, or challenger toDo not address anyquestionLimited informationabout how theywant to identify themarketProvide somediscussion about theirmarket strategyProvide full discussionabout their marketstrategyProvide full discussionabout their marketstrategy. Provide clearjustification about theirchoice 15 well-established productsor brands?Analysis ofrequirement 32 marksFail0Pass0.5Credit1Distinction1.5High Distinction1.75-2Consumer-adoptionprocess for their newproduct. How will theconsumer learn abouttheir new product andhow quickly will theyadopt it? Will the productbe targeted to the heavyusers and early adoptersfirst, then early and latemajorities? What is theirestimated time for fulladoption?Do not address anyquestionLimited discussionabout consumer –adoption processProvide somediscussion aboutconsumer – adoptionprocess.Provide clearexplanation aboutconsumer – adoptionprocess. Provide someexplanation about howthey target the customerProvide clearexplanation aboutconsumer – adoptionprocess. Identify andclear explain about theproduct will be target towhomAnalysis ofrequirement 42 marksFail0Pass0.5Credit1Distinction1.5High Distinction1.75-2Pricing strategydecisions for theirNo information PricestrategyLimited informationprice strategyIdentify the pricestrategy but do notProvide the pricestrategy with someProvide the pricestrategy with full 16 product/service.Students haveaddressed all or most ofthe material concerningpricing covered in week8.provide thejustificationdiscussion about theirchoicejustification about theirchoiceAnalysis ofrequirement 52 marksFail0Pass0.5Credit1Distinction1.5High Distinction1.75-2Students should bedirected to turn in theirretailing, wholesaling,and logistical marketingplans. Those studentswho are acting in the roleof providing a new“service” should includehere their plans forlocations, hours ofoperations, and howtheir “service” plans onmanaging demand andcapacity issues.No informationabout distributionsystemLimited informationabout distributionsystemAnswer all therequirement withoutexplanationAnswer all therequirement with briefexplanation about theirchoiceAnswer all therequirement with fullexplanation about theirchoice 17 Analysis ofrequirement 64 marks01-22-33-3.54The integrated marketingcommunications matrix.No information aboutintegrated markingcommunicationsmatrixLimited informationabout integratedmarkingcommunicationsmatrixProvide the integratedmarkingcommunicationsmatrix with someexplanationClear explanation anddiscussion aboutintegrated markingcommunications matrixClear explanation anddiscussion aboutintegrated markingcommunications matrixProvide goodjustification about all thetools that they selectAnalysis ofrequirement 74 marksFail0Pass1-2Credit2-3Distinction3-3.5High Distinction4All the possiblecommunication media(for example, studentswill tend to concentratetheir media on televisionor on the Internet andinclude other forms suchas personal selling andradio).No informationaboutcommunicationmediaLimited informationaboutcommunicationmediaProvide the selectionof communicationmedia with someexplanationClear explanation anddiscussion aboutcommunication mediaClear explanation anddiscussion aboutcommunication mediaProvide goodjustification about all themedia channel thatthey selectStyle and referencing3 marksFail0Pass1Credit1.5Distinction2High Distinction3 18 Referencing: appropriatereferences and citations,styleReferencing isunclear.At least 3 relevantreferences.Referencing mostlyclear butinconsistent.At least 5 relevantreferences given,mainly drawn fromprovided sources e.glectures. Clearsystematicreferencing of allsources..At least 7 relevantreferences including atleast 5 from ownresearch including pageno’s for all articlesBibliography includes atleast 10 relevantreferences from goodsources i.e. journalsrather than popularcomputing press. Veryclearly presented.Total (out of 20)


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