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1“i” •IF:. Federation * OLIN UniversityEXAM INSTRUCTIONS• There are three types of questions 10 Multiple Choice Questions (101= 10 Marks)—-10 in sample 1 Case study and 6 Case study-based Questions (65 = 30 Marks)—1 case study and 3 questions in sample3 long answer Questions (3*5 = 15 Marks) —-2 in sample • Your test will remain open in Moodle from 6 am on Thursday 25th February 2020 for 48 hrs – but once you commence the test, it must be completed • Once the test is open, you will have a set time 3 hrs and 30 minutes to complete it. • Questions will be presented to you one at a time. You must submit each question before you can access the next question in your test. Once submitted you are unable to access your answer. Make sure you re-read and edit your answer before you submit each question. • Do not email the co-ordinator or your lecturer about questions on the test during the test period 25-27th February. University regulations prohibit them from answering specific auestions a tr617r7frf”11775177contact


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