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Module Title:Int Supply Chain ManagementModule Code:7BSP1011Assignment 2. Format & Maximum Word countAn individual recorded poster presentationWeighting:70%Submission Date/Time & Method:Before 5 pm, 8th  April  2021, only online via StudyNet anonymouslyTutor/s Marking:    Assessment CriteriaLearning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:The nature, scope, and role of international supply chain management in (and between) organisationsThe importance of co-ordination and integration in supply chain activities and ways in which such mechanisms may be achievedLearning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:Research and analyse the practice of supply chain management in international organisationsApply relevant theories, methods, and techniques to analyse and solve supply chain management problemsCritically evaluate the solutions and recognise the limitations of theories and methodsDemonstrate the origins of their ideas by referencing sources used in their workFeedback /Marking criteria for this AssignmentPerformance will be assessed using HBS Report Grading Criteria (Ask CASE if you need clarification about the criteria).   The Marking Scheme is: Presentation & Structure 20%, Referencing 5%, Research 30%, Application 15%, Analysis 30%.   Be aware that if HBS Report criteria is not followed properly, the presentation & structure part may receive a ZERO.   Guidance for improvement will be given in writing via StudyNet within 4 wks.  For further help, contact me in the drop-in hours, or by email. Late work and plagiarism will receive standard penalties. Turnitin is used to highlight student collusion or consider similarities to other work. You might be asked for a brief meeting after your submission for some clarifications. Detailed Brief for Individual/Group AssessmentYou need to choose UN sustainable goal and need to make an A0 poster as a PDF. There is no need to print the poster, a submission as PDF is what you are supposed to do. You should strictly avoid adding redundant information to the poster such as the definition of supply chain management, the population of African countries, defining FMCG, etc. The contents of the poster should be to the point (the audience to the poster is the supply chain experts with a very good knowledge of SCM, so they do not need basic definitions) and all relate to the question you are addressing. Use of graphs and tables are highly recommended as well as innovative visualization techniques. However, please note that copy/pasting figures (without citing the source) is forbidden and you will be penalized for that. In a nutshell, if you want to use a chart or demonstration or anything visual, you must draw it yourself and cite the source (no snapshots or copy/pasting). Be careful with citing sources and avoid resourceful plagiarism (refer to as these can lead to a failure in the module. THE STUDENTS NEED TO CHOOSE ONE OF THE UN SUSTAINABLE GOAL (UN sustainable goal ( AND EXPLAIN HOW SUPPLY CHAIN CAN CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS THAT SPECIFIC SUSTAINABLE GOAL. Reference list should be submitted as a separate PDF. And recording should be submitted as well as a separate document. The recording will not be marked for the poster, it will only need to choose the top 10 best posters for the prize money. The marking criteria already added to the module unit page.  


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