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dil 1-1-` •AA I 6Literature Review: Example Topics PS2850 Topics and Techniques in Neuroscience In contrast to the poster, which will assess your knowledge of a particular neuroscience technique, the literature review will focus on a specific neuroscience ‘topic’, i.e. brain function or dysfunction. Listed below are broad categories, e.g. movement, perception, etc. Within each of these categories are more specific suggestions for functions or dysfunctions that you could review. It is acceptable to review a topic that is not listed, however you should check with the module leader first (Lea). Please avoid overlap topics that are covered in detail in the lecture, e.g. HD, PD,.Movement • Hemiplegia • Apraxia • Ataxia • Motor neuron damage Perception • Agnosia • Prosopagnosia • Spatial neglect • Synaesthesia • NeglectAging • Normal aging • Vascular dementia • Alcoholic dementia (e.g.Korsakoff’s psychosis) • Semantic dementia • Stroke • Mild cognitive impairmentSpeech, Language, Writing & Reading • Language localisation • Bilingualism in the brain • Aphasia • Alexia (Acquired Dyslexia) • DysgraphiaDevelopmental • Autism


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