HC1031 Final Assessment T1 2021Student Number: (enter on the line below)Student Name: (enter on the line below)MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANISATIONSFINAL ASSESSMENTTRIMESTER 1, 2021Assessment Weight: 50 total marksInstructions:• All questions must be answered by using the answer boxes provided in this paper.• Completed answers must be submitted to Blackboard by the published due dateand time.Submission instructions are at the end of this paper.Purpose:This assessment consists of six (6) questions and is designed to assess your level of knowledgeof the key topics covered in this unitStudents who cite a minimum of 12 peer-reviewed academic articles (in total) in the text tosupport their assertions, and list all references appropriately at the end of the report usingHarvard referencing style may receive higher marks than those who do not cite relevantmaterials. References provided must follow ‘Reference Requirements’ detailed on page 3-4.Question 1 ( 7 marks)As organisations become more technology-driven, which do you think will become moreimportant: the management of the human element of the organisation or the management oftechnology? Discuss your view and support your arguments with key research findings. Answerthis question in 300 words.ANSWER: ** Answer box will enlarge as you typeQuestion 2 (11 marks)What is meant by the cultural values of individualism and masculinity or femininity? How mightthese values affect organisation design and management processes? Answer this question in 300words and support your arguments with key research findings.ANSWER:Question 3 (11 marks)The approach managers use to make decisions usually falls into one of three categories – classicalmodel, administrative model or political model. The choice of approach used depends on themanager’s personal preferences; whether the decision is programmed or non-programmed; or theextent of certainty, risk, uncertainty or ambiguity.Explain the classical model, the administrative model and the political model and provideexamples/key research findings to support your claims in 300 words.ANSWER:HC1031 Final Assessment T1 2021Question 4 (7 marks)One of the benefits of a strategy map is that goals and how they are linked can be communicatedclearly to everyone in the organisation. Does a minimum-wage maintenance worker in a hospitalreally need to understand any goals beyond keeping the place clean? Discuss your opinion andsupport your arguments with key research findings in 300 words.ANSWER:Question 5 (7 marks)Consider the leadership position of a senior partner in a law firm. What task, subordinate, andorganisational factors might serve as substitutes for leadership in this situation? support yourarguments with key research findings and answer this question in 300 words.ANSWER:Question 6 (7 marks)Describe the advantages of using a balanced scorecard to measure and control organisationalperformance in 200 words. Suppose you created a balanced scorecard for McDonald’s. Whatspecific customer service measures would you include? Discuss your opinion and support yourclaims/arguments with key research findings (Answer this question in 300 words).ANSWER:HC1031 Final Assessment T1 2021END OF FINAL ASSESSMENTSubmission instructions:• Save submission with your STUDENT ID NUMBER and UNIT CODE e.g. EMV54897 HC2121• Submission must be in MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT ONLY• Upload your submission to the appropriate link on Blackboard• Only one submission is accepted. Please ensure your submission is the correctdocument.• All submissions are automatically passed through SafeAssign to assess academic integrity.Reference requirementsAssessment Design – Adapted Harvard ReferencingHolmes will be implementing as a pilot program a revised Harvard approach to referencing. Thefollowing guidelines apply:1. Reference sources in assignments are limited to sources which provide full text access tothe source’s content for lecturers and markers.2. The Reference list should be located on a separate page at the end of the essay andtitled: References.3. It should include the details of all the in-text citations, arranged alphabetically A-Z byauthor surname. In addition, it MUST include a hyperlink to the full text of the citedreference source.For example;P Hawking, B McCarthy, A Stein (2004), Second Wave ERP Education, Journal ofInformation Systems Education, Fall, All assignments will require additional in-text reference details which will consist of thesurname of the author/authors or name of the authoring body, year of publication, pageHC1031 Final Assessment T1 2021number of content, paragraph where the content can be found.For example;“The company decided to implement a enterprise wide data warehouse businessintelligence strategies (Hawking et al, 2004, p3(4)).”Non-Adherence to Referencing GuidelinesWhere students do not follow the above guidelines:1. Students who submit assignments which do not comply with the guidelines will be askedto resubmit their assignments.2. Late penalties will apply, as per the Student Handbook each day, after the student/s havebeen notified of the resubmission requirements.3. Students who comply with guidelines and the citations are “fake” will be reported foracademic misconduct.


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