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Project Title: The market for soft drinks at UBS UniversityUBS is a large university attended by thousands of students every day on week days. The purpose of this project is to understand the students’ soft drinks market at the university. The market for drinks is measured in terms of 375ml cans. This type of project requires the students to demonstrate their ability to select a sample, analyse the data collected and prepare a written report of their analysis.. For convenience, the subject coordinator designed a survey questionnaire (attached to this assignment) which was used by all students last semester. Moreover, since it was impossible to interview every student visiting the university last semester, the subject coordinator proposed that only BAC21 students should be interviewed.IntroductionProvide a brief introduction to what this assignment is about and how was your sample selected?2. Data AnalysisThis section must answer to the following specific questionsSection A: Basic Analysis1. What proportions of the students in your sample are local and what proportion are international?2. What is the relationship between price and average quantity consumed by students?3. What are the most popular and least popular soft drinks among students?4. How loyal are students to their brand? (Do students change their preference when they receive a 25% or 40% discount on their preferred drink?)Section B: The behavior of local students vs International Students5. How does the demand (price-quantity relationship) of international students differ from that of local students?6. What are the most and least popular drinks among local students? How does this compare with the preferences of the international student?7. Are local students more loyal to their brand than international students?Section C: Advance scenarios8. How likely is it that the student will choose soft drink (Pepsi, Coke etc.) as their first preference? Provide 95% confident interval estimates and interpret your results.


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