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BIOL&260 Microbiology Final Lab AssignmentLab 14: Identification of a Pure Unknown CulturePoints: 20 pointsDue: Wednesday June 16 by 11:59 pmAssignment overview:? You will be given results for 2 unknown cultures. The assignment is to interpret the data,explain the results and conclude which organism it is. The cultures are the same culturesthat were used in Lab Assignment 9: Gram+ Identification and Lab Assignment 10:Gram- Identification.? The Labs in the Workbook can be a reference, but do not copy and paste from them.Use your own words.? Your previous Lab Assignments are good reference. Please review feedback on the LabAssignments. There may be comments or inaccuracies that you were not marked off for,which may be helpful for this Lab Assignment.? Any evidence of plagiarism which includes copying directly from sources or from aclassmate will result in 0 points on the assignment.? You can turn in a draft (or drafts) for review of the assignment due by Saturday June 12.To turn in a draft, attach it to a Canvas message. Allow for 24 hour return time on anydraft requests.Sections to include:? Gram stain: List the steps of the Gram stain. Describe the purpose of each chemical.? Results table or list format: Name the results for the 2 unknown cultures? Describe the results of each test. What does the result mean the bacteria can or cannotdo?For example: A positive MR test means when the bacteria ferments glucose, itproduces an acid product.? Conclusion: What is the genus species of the unknown organism? Compare your resultsto the old Data Tables in Lab Assignment 9: Gram+ Identification and Lab Assignment10: Gram- Identification. Explain why you chose your organism. Did everything matchup?? Extra credit option: Based on your conclusion, name an infection that the organismcauses. To receive the extra credit, include what body part is affected, mode oftransmission, and any treatments available.Other guidelines:? Paper must be typed? Use your own words? Use complete sentences (paragraph format)? Use proper notation: capitalize Gram, italicize Genus species, capitalize genus name? No typos, spelling errors, grammar errorsGrading Criteria for Final Lab AssignmentContent (15 points)Gram stain3 pointspossibleIncludes thesteps of theGram stain.Describes thepurpose of eachchemical.3 pointsIncludes thesteps of theGram stain. Doesnot describe thepurpose of eachchemical2 pointsIncludes thesteps of theGram stain. Doesnot accuratelydescribe thepurpose of all ofthe chemicals2 pointsDoes not includethe steps of theGram stain.0 pointsResults5 pointspossibleAccuratelyinterprets theResults for bothunknowns5 pointsEach missing test interpretation orerror in interpretation:-0.5 points eachDoes not includethe Results forboth unknowns0 pointsPurpose ofeach test5 pointspossibleAccuratelydescribes thetest results foreach of theunknowns5 pointsEach missing purpose of test or errorin purpose of test:-0.5 points eachDoes notdescribe thepurpose of eachtest0 pointsConclusion2 pointspossibleProperly rationalizesconclusion of microbegenus and species2 pointsImproperly rationalizesconclusion of microbegenus and species1 pointDoes not includerationalization ofconclusion of microbegenus and species0 pointsStyle (5 points)Propernotation2 pointspossibleCapitalize Gram1 pointDoes not capitalize Gram0 pointsItalicize Genus species names1 pointDoes not italicizeGenus species names0 pointsCompletesentences1 pointpossibleUses complete sentences1 pointIncludes incomplete sentences0 pointsSpelling andgrammar2 pointspossibleCorrect spelling andgrammar2 pointsTypos, spelling errors, grammar issues will beassigned these points:1-2 = 1.5 points 5-6 = 0.5 points3-4 = 1 points 7 or more = 0 pointsExtra creditBonus +4Bacteria 1: 2 points: +0.5 points for each of the following:Name infection, body part affected, mode of transmission, treatmentBacteria 2: 2 points: +0.5 points for each of the following:Name infection, body part affected, mode of transmission, treatmen


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