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• Time left 00:14:31 < >Question 4Not yet answered Marked out of 10.00Almost 20 years ago, Pixar was using Linux machines. On Linux machines, there’s a command that removes everything below the current directory on which it’s run. Someone inadvertently ran that command at the root level of the Toy Story 2 project. Entire sequences started disappearing, right in front of everyone’s eyes. Oren Jacob, former Chief Technical Officer of Pixar, called systems to demand they unplug the machine immediately. After doing so, then plugging it back in a few hours later, they realized most of the film was gone. 90% of the movie had been deleted by the command which was erased in roughly 20 seconds.Answer the following questions with respect to the above scenario:1.What are your thoughts on the experience incident (5 Marks) What would have been your suggestions to overcome such incident (5 Marks)


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